Meal Planning Monday 24/2016

It’s Monday again and I envisage this week being a difficult one…  Hubs is away tonight and tomorrow so I’m flying solo for a couple of nights.  Oh, and he’s at a late meeting on Wednesday so make that three nights.  It’s a good job I’ve got plenty to keep on with!

Plans for Q’s baptism are coming together, now I’ve bought two-thirds of an outfit for myself and Q is sorted, I just need to sort out O and hubs.  And figure out the buffet.  And a cake design.  And balloons and banners…  So a bit left to do, then. *freaks out*

Last week’s plan went well and we stuck to it, generally!  Hubs went on his Italian cookery course on Friday and brought some amazing things home.  If he’s taken some photographs, I’ll ask him to blog about it sometime in the next couple of weeks.  With some help from O, he made fresh tagliatelle with a fresh tomato sauce for our tea on Saturday and it was amazing.  So amazing.  I was really impressed.


This week, our plan is…

Monday – Pizza

Tuesday – Fish and curly fries

Wednesday – Harissa chicken with bulgar wheat salad

Thursday – Homemade burgers with salad

Friday – Chilli and rice (freezer)

Saturday – Meatballs in tomato sauce with fresh pasta

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