Meal Planning Monday 25/2016

Last week was a total fail.  I would say we only managed to stick to our plan for half of the week – if that.  Result: wasting food.  I’m not happy about it!  Wiping the slate clean for this week.

We’ve got one of O’s little school pal’s at our house for tea tonight, and hubs is away with work tomorrow.  Other than that, we’ve got a fairly quiet week planned!

Monday – Ocean pie / Pizza for the kiddies

Tuesday – Fish with curly fries and salad

Wednesday – Tuna Pasta Bake

Thursday – Gammon, egg and pineapple

Friday – Chilli (freezer) with rice and doritos

Saturday – Homemade butternut squash tortellini

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday 25/2016

  1. Ahh! This week is a new week….I think we all have weeks where the meal plans don’t go to plan. I know I do. Good luck. I hope it all goes well this week. x

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