Me and Mine – June 2016

June is about to come to an end and it seems to have been and gone in a flash!  It seems this has been the month of major sporting events, with the Euros (poor England knocked out already) and now Wimbledon.  We’ve been watching these as a family, where possible, and have loved sitting together to cheer on our sportsmen and women.

June has also seen the addition of another baby to our family; my new nephew M.  He’s an absolute beauty with a head full of dark hair just like my brother.  O hasn’t had the chance to meet him as yet, as the poor little dot was born early and in Special Care until recently, but we’re hoping to introduce them all soon.

We’ve been on a couple of days out, probably our most memorable one to Carlisle Castle for an event which was great.  The kids loved it!  We also met up with some of A’s extended family and all went out for Sunday lunch together – 19 of us in one room!  It was a bit of a squeeze but we had a lovely time catching up with everyone.

Me and Mine July 2016 1

This month A is loving…

+ Father’s Day

+ bedtime reading with O

+ watching the Euros (until England lost… Boooo!)

+ making the boys giggle

I am loving…

+ cake sale goodies

+ arranging to meet friends

+ cuddles with my boys

+ finding time to read

Me and Mine July 2016 2

O is loving…

+ friends over to play

+ Snapchat filters

+ transition morning to Year 1

+ making homemade pasta with Daddy

Q is loving…

+ learning to grab toys

+ smiling at Mummy, Daddy and O

+ laughing lots

+  bath time

Me and Mine July

We have Q’s baptism on Sunday and a whole host of family birthdays in July.  Not to mention the start of the school summer holidays!  Here’s looking forward to an awesome July!

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