Q: 3 Months Update

Time is disappearing so quickly these days…  You’re three months old!  You have changed so much since your two months update.  You’re so tall, you’ve nearly outgrown your moses basket and pram!

Q 3 months update

You seem to have found yourself into a routine now.  You have your bath with O around 6pm and feed afterwards until you fall asleep.  I then give you a dream feed around 10pm and you happily sleep until around 2 or 3am!  Which is amazing for a little one of your age.  You then go back to sleep until around 6am, which is also fine as that’s usually when your brother gets up.  You nap briefly in the morning before we take O to school, again at lunchtime and again in the afternoon.  I hope your love of sleep remains!

Q 3 months 1

It’s been really hot and sunny the last couple of weeks so we’ve been spending a bit of time outdoors.  You happily lay in your pram or in your baby swing looking at your toys in the shade, listening to the grown-ups chat or the music playing on the radio.  You still love being on your play mat too.  Your favourite toy seems to be a little soft lion that has a bell inside, bought for you by your Auntie L, and you love it when he’s giving you kisses.

Q 3 months update

You’ve also found some comfort in the use of a dummy, which your brother O did too, but also holding a muslin cloth.  We’re still exclusively breastfeeding, which I’m really proud of myself for, and you can even take it expressed from a bottle too.  You’re doing so well!  Although I haven’t had you officially weighed since your 6 week check, you are growing incredibly quickly and piling on the weight which is fabulous.  I’m in awe at how my body is capable of growing a little person and then feeding you to grow as you do – it’s quite amazing really.

Q 3 months update

We’ve been lucky enough to hear you giggle a few times now.  Smiles come often, although never when I seem to have the camera about, but the giggles are a rare treat.  You have the biggest smile and your eyes sparkle with the hint of mischief…  We’re having to be careful with your finger nails as you still like to poke and scratch yourself (and others) and they’re extremely sharp.  You won’t let us cut your nails whilst you’re awake though, so I’m having to try to do it whilst you’re asleep.  You’ve now had your first set of immunisations and we’re off to the doctors again next week for your next set…  I’ll apologise now for the momentary pain but it’s worth it, I promise.

immunisations for baby

You’re still in awe of your big brother and love him talking and playing with you.  O has kindly given you some of his toys that are too young for him now, like his Little Tikes car and playhouse for the garden.  O can’t wait for you to be up and about and able to play with him.  You’re like your mummy and like to be kept busy or entertained.  You’re not one for sitting watching life go by.  We shall see how that pans out as you get older and discover the TV…

Love you lots like jelly tots, Mummy xx

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