Siblings June 2016

This last month has flown by.  Not only has Q had his first immunisations, he had his second lot yesterday.  O has gone up a stage in his reading and continues to do really well at school.  They don’t seem to spend an awful lot of time together as O is at school for six hours a day, five days a week.  Their relationship is starting to blossom though as Q is starting to recognise him more and he is expressing his happiness with smiles and cooing noises.

siblings june

This month is a bit of a mismatch of photos and none of them have been set up.  They have all been caught ‘in the moment’; O laying with Q on his mat before breakfast, O asked to cuddle Q, and a snap of them both in their England football strips.  Okay, that last one was set up by husband… before going out for Sunday lunch and O spilling tomato ketchup on his brand new kit…

siblings june 16

O is being a typical almost-five year old and is pushing the boundaries at home almost constantly. More so when I ask for a bit of quiet time whilst Q is sleeping.  On the positive, he’s very loving towards his little brother and is always after a cuddle!

Q’s routine has started to synchronise with O’s a bit more now too.  We start off bath time at six pm, and I leave O to play in the bath whilst I feed Q and he goes to sleep.  O sometimes gets out of the bath himself, if I’m flying solo, and gets himself dried and ready for bed.  He waits so patiently in his bedroom for me to go and listen to him read.  I then read him his story and sing his bedtime songs, as we’ve always done, knowing that Q is happily asleep in his basket.  When A is at home, which is most of the time to be fair, he sorts O out at the same time, and we start off the routine a little later.

siblings june 16

When they’re both happy, they’re incredibly cute together!  Q cooing and gurgling away at O as he sings him songs.  It’s almost as if he’s trying to sing along.  All the cute, right there.  And even though the England strips cost a small fortune, they do look uber cute in matching outfits!  The only ones they’ll probably ever let me have them in!

2 thoughts on “Siblings June 2016

  1. They look so happy together – it must be a bit easier having a bigger age gap, so that O can get himself ready for bed…although I’m sure it creates it’s own challenges too! It definitely looks like Q will always have his big brother looking out for him. #siblings

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