Are Children with a Summer Holiday Birthday Missing Out?

Six weeks off school in the summer holidays.  The children are excited for whatever their parents have planned for them.  Maybe they plan some time away holidaying as a family or going to stay with friends or relatives that don’t live close by.  But what does that mean for those kids that have birthdays to celebrate?

Summer Holiday Birthday

O celebrates his birthday on the 9th August.  No matter how the dates of the holidays fall, his is one that will always have a summer holiday birthday.  He has complained incessantly that he is has not yet turned 5 years old, when the majority of his class have already celebrated their birthdays.  He’s attended all but two of their parties – one, because we were already attending a family party, and the other because he was ill.  ‘At least you’ll never have to go to school on your birthday,’ I’ve found myself reasoning with him.  ‘You’ll always be able to spend your special day doing whatever you like with the people you love.’

But… Each year I have planned a party for his nursery and, this year, school friends and I have struggled to get RSVP’s from parents.  It makes it so difficult to plan a party for an unknown number of children – how much food should I make?  How many party bags do I put together?  How big should I order the birthday cake?  Not to mention, I think it’s quite rude not to send an RSVP to an invitation for any occasion.

Is it wrong that I want him to have a party that is as well-attended as his classmates’ celebrations?  For him to feel just as popular and liked as his other friends?  Maybe the only way I could potentially achieve this is by holding his party before the end of the school year.  I can’t do that this year – it’s too late now, but maybe something to consider in the future.  Even if I did, it would be at least 3 weeks before his actual birthday. With this being said, education is key to a brighter future. There’s so much to learn and understand which is the benefit of education.

Summer Holiday Birthday

No matter what, we will spend his actual birthday together as a family.  We will wake up to an ecstatic little boy and watch him open his presents and cards.  We will watch as he flits excitedly from one toy to the next, unable to decide an order in which to play with them.  We will then spend the day out visiting somewhere of his choice and have a lovely birthday lunch or dinner out.  We’ll come home to a homemade birthday cake and relatives who will sing him the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and celebrate too.  I just hope that he remembers all that, all the love and celebrations on his birthday, and doesn’t let a summer holiday party dampen his fun.

4 thoughts on “Are Children with a Summer Holiday Birthday Missing Out?

  1. My H birthday is 3rd September. I have always found it hard to get people to bring their children to his birthday parties and have usually just ended up with family.
    This year he has left nursery but won’t start school until after his birthday so I think it will be a family one again!
    It’s tricky having a summer holiday birthday isn’t it!! Xx

  2. My birthday is 16th August, a prime time for families to go away. Growing up I always had garden parties with my friends, and although there were a number who couldn’t make it due to family holidays, I still had a good turn out! The water fights etc got so infamous amongst my friends over the years that they actually started to ask their parents to book holidays around my birthday so they could come.
    I think it’s difficult when they’re younger and in nursery, the parents decide – when he gets to school age and has a proper group of consistent friends he can hand out invitations at school to who he wants to come, or you could even drive him round to post invites through their doors. Once the kids can read these properly for themselves they’ll be nagging their parents to let them go!

  3. Some nursery mums do joint parties and this has meant some are weeks before or after the actual date. I agree…it’s rude to not rsvp.

    I never had a birthday party as a kid. That was the days before mobiles and social media. Let’s face it…who would be available 29th December?! xx

  4. I completely get this. With A’s birthday being on 28th August she is the actual youngest of her year and we gave our party invites on 20th July, about 5 weeks before her actual Birthday. So far only three children from school can come – out of the 25 we invited – as most are on holiday. It sucks x

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