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MM’s Birth Story | Planned C-Section

I always love a birth story and my lovely friend Pamela has (finally) got round to writing her second birth experience.  So very different to her first, I can relate so much to her feelings after a traumatic first birth.  Lovely to see that no matter what the situation, you can achieve the birthing experience you want with the help of our healthcare system.


I am gobsmacked by the Big Brother finale this week.  I won’t contain any spoilers (just in case you have been watching and you’ve been living under a rock for the best part of the week), but I was surprised by the winner.  Just goes to show that if you want someone to win, you should vote for them!



We had a BKD cupcake kit in the cupboard so O and I made some pirate cupcakes on Monday.  I’m awful at getting photographs for these posts (must try harder)!  They were really yummy and O had such a fun time making them.  We planned to bake something yesterday but Q was still clingy after his thirds set of immunisations and O had lost interest by the time I could help.  Mummy fail.



Nothing really worth noting here… I have been loving my new glasses this week though.


Probably one of my favourite songs from the world of musical theatre.  Many people have slated Russell Crowe for his singing in the film of Les Miserables.  I disagree.  His top notes aren’t fantastic, but he played the part of Javert brilliantly.

and Lastly…

It’s been our first full week of ‘no-school’.  It’s been okay, in the main, apart from poor Q being unwell post-immunisations.  O has enjoyed himself being at home this week.  We visited The Beacon as they have a Lego exhibition on over the summer which was good.  Today, we’re off to visit my grandparents and that’s really all we have planned until next week!  Enjoying some chill-out time…

3 thoughts on “BKD, Big Brother and Stars – #LittleLoves

  1. Lovely pic of you in your new glasses. Love Les Mis, such an amazing musical. Hope you had a lovely time with your grandparents today and Q is feeling better x

  2. My baby is due her first set of jabs next week. Really not looking forward to it. Hope your little man is fully recovered. Love your new glasses. I really need new ones but since I wear them so in frequently I keep putting it off.

  3. That’s a great ‘wore’ shot. Sounds like you’ve had a great week, hopefully more of the same to come for you! This pirate cupcakes look super X #littleloves

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