Meal Planning Monday 27/2016

What a manic weekend we’ve had! Can’t believe I’m only just sitting down to post my meal plan now.  I’m usually much more organised and have it planned at least a few days before so that I can get my shopping on a Monday morning, but we’ve not achieved it this week.  I’ll tell you why – it’s been Q’s baptism!  He was baptised yesterday morning, so Friday and Saturday were filled with shopping and cooking and preparing the buffet, not to mention the extremely busy day we had yesterday.

So, a short post today as I’ve still got a million and one things to get done.  And O is off school tomorrow as the teacher’s are striking, so I get a bonus day with him – but less time to get everything I need to, done.  Prioritisation and Organisation are my now my friends!

This week, our meal plan looks like…

Monday – Pasta with tomato and mozzarella sauce
(all homemade) with garlic bread

Tuesday – Chilli with rice

Wednesday – Wednesday Dinner (Leftover Turkey,
mashed potatoes and vegetables)

Thursday – Gammon steak with fried egg and jacket
potato with green beans

Friday – Diet Coke chicken with rice

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday 27/2016

  1. I hope the baptism went well…It sounds like you have been kept busy.
    Ohh! Yum! I want to come and live with you for the week. Everything sounds so good x

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