Meal Planning Monday 28/2016

Last week was a good week, albeit I was in a rather busy state and felt like I was playing catch up constantly!  After Q’s baptism, we had quite a bit of food leftover from the buffet so the leftover turkey made some fabulous roast dinners and the meat and tatie pie made a couple of yummy lunches.  We’ve had cake a plenty and still have a huge box full of sweeties but I’m sure they’ll slowly disappear over time.

O went to his Nana’s for a sleepover on Saturday so hubs and I managed to get out for a bite to eat with Q.  I really enjoyed our time together just to chat about grown-up things rather than trying to entertain a 4 year old hungrily awaiting his dinner.  Although Q was with us, he stayed in his pram quite happily most of the time.

This week’s plan is…

Monday – Steak and vegetables

Tuesday – Moroccan Chicken with vegetable cous cous

Wednesday – Chilli con Carne

Thursday – Chilli and lemon Tuna steak with broccoli pasta

Friday – Roasted red pepper and chickpea pilaf

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