Meal Planning Monday 30/2016

I’m really looking forward to a full week with both my little ones.  The summer holidays have begun!  Unfortunately, little Q has his third set of immunisations tomorrow and I’m expecting a fever to come out afterwards.  We’re planning a trip out somewhere today, just in case we are housebound with Q for the following couple of days.

We had a lovely family weekend, with O going off to his last football session of the season on Saturday morning and a Dad-and-lad trip to the cinema in the afternoon to see the new Ice Age film.  We spent Sunday catching Pokemon and visiting my mum for lunch.  Although, the weekend was tinged with sadness.  Last week, my family cat passed away at almost 18 years old.  Obviously, I was upset.  But I wasn’t sure how it would affect O.  I don’t think it clicked when I first told him that Tammy had gone to cat heaven.  On Saturday, I asked him if he would like to draw a picture for Nana and he started to cry in sadness.  I think it’s the first time he’s experienced true sadness and I tried to reassure him that it’s okay to cry.  He seemed okay yesterday when we went to visit for the first time since, so hopefully he’s accepted it all and is processing it well.  We shall see.

Plans for this week…  Use up what we have left in the house.  We have a variety of food stuffs in the freezer and a handful of items in the fridge.  Our cupboards are full to bursting and, quite frankly, I’m sick of spending a fortune each week on food!  So this week, our grocery shopping will mainly consist of bread, milk and fresh fruit and vegetables, and the rest will come from the kitchen.

Monday – Steak with baked potato and vegetables

Tuesday – Homemade burgers with chips

Wednesday – Out

Thursday – Egg, chips and beans

Friday – Chilli and rice (freezer)

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