Me and Mine – July 2016

July has been a busy one! I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Although, we have an awful lot to look forward to in August.  O turns five years old and we take Q on his first family holiday abroad which will be fun!  I can’t wait for our holiday – I am very ready for it!

Q’s baptism was a wonderful day for the family and we spent time with much-loved ones, many that we don’t get to see very often.  It was nice to get dressed up too!  O had an absolute whale of a time with the other children on the bouncy castle, which was almost cancelled due to the poor weather the day before.  Thankfully, it didn’t rain on the day and it was a great day enjoyed by many.

me and mine july 2016

O took part in his first sports day at school as part of the blue team known as “Team Derwent”, named after a local river.  He took part in six different races and loved it.  He’s got a competitive streak like both his parents!  Hubs and I took Q up in his pram to the school field and stood in the glorious sunshine whilst watching O and cheering him on.  It was a beautiful day and the cherry on the top was O’s team won scoring the most points!  Well done Team Derwent!


We also enjoyed a day out at one of the local carnivals, watched the parade of brass bands, carnival queens and local dance troupes.  The floats were fantastic – you could see how much effort had been put into creating them.  We took O on a few of the fairground rides too which he really enjoyed.  He’s a bit of a thrill-seeker!

This month…

Daddy loves…

+ money for nothing
+ celebrity big brother
+ booking holidays

Mummy loves…

+ arranging to see friends
+ Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch
+ exciting new ventures

O loves…

+ summer holidays
+ day’s with Mummy and Q
+ baking cakes

Q loves…

+ Sophie the Giraffe
+ being helped to sit and stand up
+ laughing at O

3 thoughts on “Me and Mine – July 2016

  1. What a beautiful celebration and family you have. Love these captures. Sounds like summer is off to a good start. #meandmineproject

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