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I haven’t actually read any of the Dawn French novel I had started – that’s really bad isn’t it?!  I have enjoyed reading some of the other Me and Mine posts for June though.  Particularly Lauren’s post over at Belle du Brighton and Fritha’s post over at Tigerlilly Quinn.



I know, for those of you that don’t watch Game of Thrones (why you don’t, I have no idea), this is the last time I’m going to mention it for a good ten months.  Promise.  I can’t let the season six finale go by without saying, “Oh. My. Word.”  The first 15 minutes of the episode had my jaw firmly on the floor and I could barely lift it from the ground for the remaining 45 minutes.  It was incredible.  Wildfire!  King of the North!  Oh.  Almost too much to take in.  Amazing.  I’m absolutely gutted that it’s another year before we get to see how it pans out.


Monday dinner anyone?!

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Monday Dinner.  You know, a roast dinner but on a Monday instead of a Sunday?  It was so delicious, I’m tempted to do the same next week.  Last night we went to my Mum’s for tea because hubs was away overnight with work.  We had an awesome chicken and cous cous dish that’s from one of the Hairy Dieter’s books I have.  One for an upcoming meal plan, I think.


We’re here at @ehcarlisle ready to see the assault on #Carlisle Castle! Excited!

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This week, we have all been wearing smiles.  We visited Carlisle Castle at the weekend and it was such a good day out.  Hubs, O and I all really enjoyed ourselves and spending time as a family was wonderful.  It was great to get back out for the day, something that we haven’t done for a little while!



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What on earth did you think I meant?!

and Lastly…

Today, and the rest of this weekend, is going to be pretty busy.  We’ve got Q’s baptism on Sunday and so today and tomorrow is going to be spent preparing ourselves and the buffet for that.  Next week I have a couple of appointments and O’s school is off on Tuesday because of the Teacher’s strike so I’ll have to plan something fun to do!  Maybe soft play as we haven’t been for a while…  Any suggestions?

9 thoughts on “Monday, Smiles and Grunting – #LittleLoves

  1. Dinner looks yummy I am so hungry I think you just made me drool on the keyboard. Can’t beat Wimbledon and tennis. Loving the busy fun weekend ahead have fun at the baptism! Hope the weather is nice for you lovely. #littleloves

  2. GoT was soooo good! My other half doesn’t watch it – think something’s wrong with him! That roast dinner looks delicious. I’m looking forward to my mum making me a roast when we go to stay at hers in a week and a bit, nothing like someone else cooking for you! Hope Q’s baptism goes well and you’ve not worn yourself out getting everything ready today x

  3. Love the picture of you and O, you both look so happy. Hope you have had a fantastic day today for Q’s Baptism and hopefully the sun shone. Don’t hate me but I have never watched Game of Thrones (but the husband does if that counts lol). Have a great week #littleloves

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