Murray, a Ladybird and The Cranberries – #LittleLoves


I’m continuing to read my Dawn French novel, albeit slowly! I’m not even 100 pages in – I promise I’ll get there, I’m just very busy!  However, I did read this post by Dave over at The Dadventurer.  Dave is a very talented man – as you will see if you read his post – and he can even string a few words together too!


I absolutely loved watching the Murray v Tsonga match in the quarter finals of Wimbledon on Wednesday.  What a belter of a match!  You’ll find me cheering him on today in the semi-final with the hope to see him on Sunday in the final.  On a similar note, I wrote earlier this week about the #LikeAGirl campaign and watched the below video featuring Olympian Laura Trott.  It touched a nerve with me.


O’s school was closed on Tuesday because of the teacher’s strike, so we tried our hand at a quick crafty session.  Needless to say, I am hopeless and won’t become a Pinterest goddess any time soon.  O was pretty chuffed with his ladybird though, and loved the little antennae!



It was Q’s baptism on Sunday and we all got a bit dressed up for it.  I didn’t manage to get any well-staged photographs as the day went at 110mph from start to finish, so this is as good as I can give!  I wore a white V-neck camisole with lace detail, pale blue mesh circular skirt and heeled diamante sandals; all from New Look.  I would usually opt for a dress for such an occasion, but most dresses don’t lend themselves well to breastfeeding.


An absolute tune that we had on the playlist for the party we had on Sunday after Q’s baptism.

and Lastly…

This week has been spent playing catch-up on a huge scale.  I still feel like my house is upside down and I’ve got a ‘to do’ list as long as my arm.  I’m trying to prioritise, and I am getting there.  Hubs tells me I’m taking too much on, I’m on maternity leave and shouldn’t be so busy…  But, in all honesty, if I wasn’t so busy, I’d go potty.  I love having things to do, things to think about, and this blog helps towards that.  I’m 4 months into being a second-time mummy and I’m loving every minute.  If time could just slow down just a little bit, though, that would be grand.

6 thoughts on “Murray, a Ladybird and The Cranberries – #LittleLoves

  1. I guess you will be glued to the TV today for the final. Love the picture of the 4 of you all dressed up for the baptism. I love the ladybird and certainly more creative than I could ever be, nope no prizes for me either on pinterest lol. Have a great week #littleloves x

  2. I love your christening outfit, you look lovely. And what a special family photo. When H was christened I was so busy I forgot to get in any photos!!
    Great ladybird craft too! My two love crafting.
    Have a lovely week.
    Carly X

  3. Such a lovely outfit for the christening, I particularly like the skirt. Keen to read your review of Dawn French’s novel as its on my to read list. Hope you enjoyed the final, a fantastic win.

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