Q: Breastfeeding Journey – 20 Weeks

20 weeks.  We’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for 20 weeks.  Over four months.  I can’t believe it!  Q has been an absolute dream and we’re yet to experience any real issues, which is absolutely fantastic.  I’m so proud of us both for sticking it out for this long and I don’t see it disappearing just yet.

I last talked about our breastfeeding journey at 10 weeks and wrote about how I felt surprised to have made it to that point without turning to formula.  Had I experienced any issues like I had when breastfeeding O, I certainly wouldn’t have thought twice about making the switch.  Don’t get me wrong – I realise how lucky Q and I are to have had it so easy.  I know that some women experience terrible pain, cracked and bleeding nipples and illness caused by breastfeeding.  I’ve been there myself.  But now, now that we’ve got to 20 weeks of exclusive breastfeeding, I’m more determined not to turn to formula yet.

Thanks to our lovely friend E for this beautiful photograph. Such a talented lady!
Thanks to our lovely friend E for this beautiful photograph. Such a talented lady!

Hubs and I haven’t managed a child-free night just yet.  O has stayed out a couple of times, which has made it easier on us, and we’ve managed an evening meal at a local restaurant with Q kicking away happily in his pram.  That was lovely and we both really needed it!  We’re hoping to get out for a few hours one evening sometime soon, but I’m not in a rush to push it.  I’ve got some milk in the freezer for if we do manage to convince someone to look after both kids for a few hours, so at least Q wouldn’t scream the house down for milk!

When I was first feeding Q, O was fascinated by it.  He would say things like “Is Q having his boob, mama?” – not at all embarrassing!  He is now completely accepting of it and knows that it won’t be long until Q is trying proper foods like him.  I’m definitely savouring the exclusively milk days now – once you start weaning, they really are like proper little people!

We’re off on our holidays at the end of August and I’ve been on the lookout for some breastfeeding friendly clothes to take away.  We’re only away for a week, but I would usually wear dresses – which just don’t work unless they’re made specially for nursing.  I plan to continue to feed Q until the 6 month marker in September, but I can see us going further than that to be honest.  I honestly didn’t think I would make it to this point, so any time is a bonus really.


Q still gets up at least once or twice through the night, but he probably would if he was drinking formula milk anyway so I’m not letting that enter my mind.  I only managed to get to 4 months feeding O myself and his nights of ‘sleeping-through’ didn’t occur until he started going to nursery at 9 months old.  Q loves his milk and I’m glad he does.  My experience of breastfeeding Q so far is very much a positive one and I’m very proud of what we have achieved.  Onwards and upwards.

2 thoughts on “Q: Breastfeeding Journey – 20 Weeks

  1. This post made me quite emotional. You’ve both done so well – I’m so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself too. I’m so glad you have had such a different experience this time. Love you x

  2. I am really proud of you Steph I would have been regardless of your choice of feeding Q. I truely understand how you feel about feeding Q I was lucky to experience feeding to weaning and it was amazing keep up the good work your an excellent mum and you deserve the pain free experience that your having now you certainly went through enough with O and continued for longer than most mothers would have. You have two beautiful little boys and i am blessed with being their Grandma thank you so much ?

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