Q’s Baptism

Sunday 3rd July 2016.  A special day for our family as we celebrated Q’s baptism.  All throughout May, I thought the baptism was a mile away and I had loads of time to get prepared.  Then I reached mid-June and realised I had very little sorted!  Thankfully, it all pulled together in the end and we had a great day.




We asked the priest if it were possible to include his baptism within the morning’s usual mass, as didn’t really fancy waiting until mid-afternoon.  We arrived in plenty of time and got seated with our close family and Godparents at the front of the church.  Q wore his older brother’s baptism outfit which was a little on the big side, but he looked so cute all the same.  He was extremely well behaved throughout the service, only starting to cry when I joined in with the singing!  Cheeky wee chap.



After the ceremony, we headed up to the local rugby club that we had decorated earlier that morning.  We arranged balloons, banners and bunting that were dotted around the room, a bouncy castle outside for the children and a lovely homemade buffet, courtesy of the in-laws.  The bouncy castle was probably the best idea we’ve had!  There were a good 10-15 children of ‘bouncing age’ in attendance; O barely left the thing!  In fact, the only time I spotted O in the function room was to eat a plate of sandwiches and helping himself to a huge plateful of sweeties from the jars.


I spent a while browsing Pinterest for ideas for the perfect cake and found the basis of one I just had to have.  When we booked the baptism a couple of months ago, we immediately got on the phone to our cake lady (everyone has one, right?!) and booked in her time to make Q’s baptism cake.  It was amazing.  A 10″ bottom tier of rich chocolate cake and an 8″ top tier of vanilla and jam sponge.  It was beautiful, I couldn’t have asked for more, and it went down a storm.  Our guests loved it!


Q was blessed with so many cards, gifts and well wishes by our very loving family and friends.  It was a shame that some of our nearest and dearest were unable to make it, due to one reason or another, but we all had a great day all the same.  All of the children were an absolute dream – and I made sure they filled their pockets with sweeties to take home!

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