Redraw the Balance, Rainclouds and Disco – #LittleLoves


This week I’ve managed to read some of my book! I mention it every week in some way as I don’t often get chance to sit and read it, but I’m getting there…  It’s getting a bit better.  I guess why I haven’t really made much time for it is because it’s not usually the type of book I would read and I’m struggling to get into it a bit.


I caught sight of this rather awesome video, shared on the Cbeebies Facebook page.  This video excellently captures how children define careers as being gender specific from an early age.  It actually brought a tear to my eye! As parents, I think we are partly responsible for helping to #redrawthebalance and encourage much more gender-neutral thinking.  I just hope that the media can help to join with us.


I’ve not really made an awful lot this week.  A couple of yummy meals.  That’s about it.  Moving on…



I’ve not really worn anything of note, but these two little boys were wearing unintentionally co-ordinated outfits at the weekend.  O’s top is from Rocha Little Rocha and red shorts from George at Asda.  Q’s cute little raincloud vest is from GAP for Kids and his red shorts also from George at Asda.  Love that little vest!


O went to his end of year school disco on Wednesday and came home singing this song at the top of his voice.  He had such a good time!  He’s become a lot more confident lately.  At the start of the school year, he wouldn’t leave my side at a disco!  But now, he’ll happily dance away (he loves attempting to break dance!) with his friends and get stuck in.

and Lastly…

It’s now the summer holidays!  School broke up yesterday lunch time and O was incredibly happy.  We let him stay up a bit later than usual in the hope for a lie-in…  If there is such a thing with a 4 year old and a baby!  Hubs and I are trying to plan what we get up to over the holidays as there’s an awful lot that we want to fit in.  Oh, and that meeting I mentioned last week?  It went well…  Continue to watch this space…

3 thoughts on “Redraw the Balance, Rainclouds and Disco – #LittleLoves

  1. Yay for summer holidays! We finished yesterday and both G and H were so ready for it! I absolutely love the rain cloud vest! So so cute. I saw the video on the CBeebies page last week was definitely an opener! Have a wonderful week lovely xx

  2. I hadn’t seen that video until now and it gave me goosebumps watching it. Definitely gives you something to think about. Love the rain cloud vest on Q, so adorable. Bet O loved the disco, dancing away with his little friends. Or stood in the corner being a cool dude. Have a fantastic summer x

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