Siblings – July 2016

My beautiful boys.  They love each other so much, it really does melt my heart!  This last month has been a very busy one, with Q’s baptism taking most of our attention.  We had a great day and O was such a great big brother.  He didn’t quite understand why Q had so many gifts after the party, and there wasn’t any for him.  We had to explain that he had the same when he was a baby and just didn’t remember.  He accepted that and helped to open Q’s presents anyway, reading the messages in cards and on gift tags.

Siblings July 2016

O is so happy that Q is becoming more engaging.  He often makes silly faces and blows raspberries on Q’s arm because he knows it will make him laugh.  Q loves for O to pay him attention – but is quick to tell him when he’s being a bit overwhelming.  You can see in their eyes the love for each other they share, and as their Mummy it’s such a delight.   I am so proud of them both and how utterly amazing they are.

Siblings July 2016

I can’t believe that Q is now 4 months old.  This is also the last ‘Siblings’ photo of O as a 4 year old.  By this time next month, I will be the proud Mummy of a 5 year old boy!  As time goes on, his abilities amaze me.  Yesterday it was his very first Sports Day at school and he made up part of the winning team.  He was so pleased!

Next week, O’s school breaks up for the summer holidays.  I’m looking forward to spending those six weeks making some amazing memories spending time with both my boys on my maternity leave.  Being at home every day can be hard, but these two make it all worth while.  They are so very loved.


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