Sports Day, Dominoes and Sleep – #LittleLoves


This week has been one of organisation and I have been spending a lot of time reading the contents of my diary.  Not only has it been a busy week with school activities, but we’ve had five family birthdays this week so far.  I’ve also been writing out Thank You cards to the guests of Q’s baptism, but haven’t quite finished these yet.



Sports Day

I watched O take part in his first ever Sports Day at school!  It was awesome.  He had such a great time – we could hear him cheering on his team-mates when they were taking their turn.  Both hubs and I were so very proud of him!  He tried his very best.  His team also scored the most points in the end, and so took the ‘Championship’ and were awarded the trophy.  He’s not the most confident in his abilities and I’m sure this will help to encourage him no-end.


Tuna Steak with Chilli and Lemon

I’ve made some really nice dinners this week, I think my favourite being the Moroccan-style chicken with roasted vegetable cous cous.  It was so easy and quick to make.  Hubs really enjoyed it too.  It’s definitely something I’ll make again very soon – a really healthy, filling and delicious meal.  Hubs made this lush Tuna Steak with spaghetti and broccoli dish too – it’s always been a fave in our house!



The weather this week has been extreme, to say the least.  On Monday, O’s team trip to Keswick was cancelled due to the torrential rain.  He was a bit upset, but cheered up when he found out he could stay at school in non-uniform, still eat his packed lunch and that it was going to be re-arranged.  Fast forward to yesterday, and the sun was splitting the trees – thankfully – in time for O’s sports day!  I’ve been living in jeans this week and yesterday I had on this cute domino tee that I picked up from River Island last year.


Not a track I’ve heard this week, but a retro one.  This song always reminds me of travelling to the North East to stay with my Nana and Grandad for the school holidays.  I would sit in the back of the car and belt out Neneh Cherry’s parts in the song.

and Lastly…

Q slept through on Wednesday night (11-6) and I woke up yesterday feeling so refreshed and invigorated.  After I fed him, I got up and cleaned the bathrooms, emptied and refilled the dishwasher (naughty, should’ve done that the night before), put a load of laundry in and sorted everyone out before the school run.  It’s amazing what a good nights’ sleep will do for you!  I’m also very much looking forward to going out for lunch on Wednesday next week.  Meeting a couple of people that will hopefully set me off on a journey I’ve desired for some time…  Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Sports Day, Dominoes and Sleep – #LittleLoves

  1. Love that Neneh Cherry song, it brings back so memories.
    That tuna steak dish looks delicious, definitely my kind of food.
    Your Wednesday lunch meeting sounds in intriguing, can’t wait to know more..!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Yay to sleep!! It’s amazing what a difference a good night sleep can do isn’t it. Well done O with his sports day too, I can’t wait to watch my little ones in theirs xx

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