Tackling Childhood Obesity

At the start of your child’s journey through school, as a parent or guardian you are asked to sign a document to state that you are happy for your child to be subject to health assessments inside school by the local health authority.  I signed that form as O started his Reception year last September and we’ve had a mixed bag in the way of outcomes.

Just before Q was born, O was measured and weighed and his BMI worked out.  I was absolutely heartbroken when we received a letter a few weeks later to say that he was ‘very overweight’, according to this calculation.  I confided in my close friends and family as I was sure there must be some mistake.  He is the most perfect little boy!  At the time of measurement, he was 4 and a half years old, but in age 5-6 clothes.  He was on the 98th centile at birth and has generally followed that path into childhood.

tackling childhood obesity

I am not worried about his size, nor is his Daddy.  I wish he wasn’t so picky and would eat a more varied and nutritional diet, but he eats fruit and vegetables daily and drinks plenty of water.  He attends a football class each week and is on the waiting list for swimming lessons.  He enjoys PE at school and plays out in the garden or on the driveway when the sun is shining.  I really don’t know how much more we can do!

Learning to Ride a Bike

The NHS recommends that parents should be a ‘good role model’; children learn by example.  One of the most powerful ways to encourage children to be active and eat well is to do so yourself.  Although hubs and I generally eat well, we could probably do with working on the exercise side of things…

NRS Healthcare has launched a Healthy Living Family Pack to help families with children who may be experiencing issues with overeating, inactivity or poor nutrition.  It is available for free to download and contains some really useful ideas on how families can pull together to become more active in their daily lives.  Hubs was amazed at how many calories can be burned from Daily Chores, but sadly he says that he would rather cut out a chocolate bar than scrub the bathrooms!

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