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My husband and I took a trip to Manchester and we were looking for a restaurant for an early Sunday Dinner.  We came across James Martin Manchester, based on the Mezzanine floor of the Manchester235 Casino inside the historic Great Northern Warehouse at Deansgate.  The Sunday Dinner menu runs from 12pm – 5pm and the option to book online is available.  Due to it’s location within the Casino, the restaurant maintains a strict over 18’s only policy.

James Martin Manchester

We were shown to our table by the Front of House staff at the rear of the restaurant, allowing us views out of the windows and of the entire restaurant floor.  The 170-seat restaurant is designed in a decadent manner, without creating an uncomfortable “posh” atmosphere.  The original Warehouse beams are prominent with industrial style light fittings, with dining tables and comfortable armed chairs set out across the wooden floor.

James Martin Manchester Wine

We were presented with a Wine List and Menu, and we chose a wonderful Argentinian Malbec Red wine to share with a jug of water to cleanse our palettes between courses.  A thick wooden bread board was brought to our table with a perfect quenelle of butter and freshly baked bread.  The front of house staff took our order for the three-course Sunday Dinner menu, costing just £25 per person.

James Martin Manchester - Starter 2

Our starters arrived after a brief wait and they looked divine.  I had chosen the Thai Crab Risotto and found it to be very creamy, with small chunks of fresh Crab meat hidden amongst the risotto mix.  The chilli didn’t really make much difference to the dish, in my opinion, although any more and it would have taken away from the delicate flavour of the Crab.  My husband had ordered the Confit shoulder of Mutton and was surprised to find it was (intentionally) a cold dish.  The Mutton tasted quite gamey, with the pumpkin pickle and puree adding some balance to the dish.  All in all, a tasty couple of Starters that were presented beautifully.

James Martin Manchester Starter

James Martin Manchester - Pork

James Martin Manchester - Vegetables

The Main Courses arrived, with side dishes containing the vegetables, gravy and horseradish cream.  The Pork Cutlet had been cooked to perfection and retained it’s moisture well.  The Yorkshire Puddings were clearly homemade (I wouldn’t expect anything less) , with a lovely golden brown colour to them and a crunch to their tops.  The cider jus was lovely and sweet, complementing the pork wonderfully, although I do wish there had been a little more of this.  The Beef was cooked perfectly for my husband, although I’m sure some people would prefer their meat cooked a little bit more.  The roast potatoes were divine and accompanying vegetables were cooked al dente.  The gravy and horseradish cream was presented in small pouring jugs to match the rest of the dinner service.

James Martin Manchester - Beef

James Martin Manchester - Pudding

Following the amazing first two courses, we eagerly awaited our desserts.  The Sticky Toffee Pudding was presented in a small Staub cast iron dish with the lid closed to keep the pudding hot.  The pudding was lighter than other sticky toffee pudding’s I’ve had before and the spiced fruit ice cream complimented it beautifully.  The toffee sauce was perfectly runny and sweet against the spices in the pudding and ice cream.  The Blackberry Mousse was delightfully light, topping a refreshing Ginger Beer Sorbet and spiced pears.  Presented in a small glass tumbler on a beautiful wooden board, this dessert was perfect for my husband who doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth (like me)!

James Martin Manchester - Mousse

James Martin Manchester - Espresso

We enjoyed an Espresso with our desserts, and when we’d finished we asked for the bill.  I would highly recommend the James Martin Manchester restaurant for Sunday Dinner, and the menu for other times in the week sounds amazing too.  The service delivered by the front of house staff was faultless and they attended to our every need; not once did we have to ask for anything.

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