Keeping Kids Cool with Minions Ice Lollies

We’ve had some really lovely weather lately and, although the sun hasn’t been shining all summer, the temperature has stayed consistently in the twenties.  O is generally good at drinking plenty – as long as I keep his water bottle topped up with squash, he just keeps drinking it.  But it isn’t really summer unless you get stuck in with the ice cream and ice lollies, is it?!

Minions Ice Lollies

Minions Ice Lollies

We were sent these yummy Raspberry and Vanilla Minions ice lollies to try out and, if you can’t tell by his face, O loves them!  Personally, I wouldn’t call them ‘ice cream lollies’ but just ‘ice creams’.  The only thing that makes it a lolly is that it’s on a lollipop stick – you wouldn’t call a Magnum an ‘ice cream lolly’ would you?  Other than that, I think they’re spot on.

Minions Ice Lollies

Minions Ice Lollies

The taste and texture of them is lovely and they’re just the right size for little tummies.  We tend to give yogurt as pudding after O has finished his dinner, but have been turning to these cute Minions ice lollies more whilst it’s warm.  I understand that there are also Star Wars and Peppa Pig similar ice cream lollies that you can buy too.  O was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get the Star Wars ones, as it’s his current obsession, but there wasn’t any available in our local supermarket.  That’s the downside of living rurally!

What are your children’s favourite ice creams?  Would you consider buying character ice creams/ice lollies for them?

Disclosure: We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are my own.

One thought on “Keeping Kids Cool with Minions Ice Lollies

  1. Ahh! We’ve had the Star Wars one’s before but I didn’t even know the Minion one’s existed! I will have to look out for these! My girls are Minion mad! 😀

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