Meal Planning Monday 31/2016

What a lovely weekend we’ve had!  Friday night was spent catching up with Celebrity Big Brother launch night and hubs and I shared a couple of bottles of wine…  Needless to say, I was hungover on Saturday after a year of very little alcohol!  What was supposed to be a day of sorting, ended up being a day of Daddy and O visiting a local event and I laid on the sofa doing some bloggy things whilst feeling sorry for myself.  A hangover necessity (and what will now be known as ‘the cure’) of a Chinese takeaway was the ultimate mender for me on Saturday night and I felt loads better!  You can’t beat deep-fried pastry…

Sunday was a housework and sorting out day, so not much was done.  I did make a trip down to Next to pick up another three parcels of sale goodies I’d ordered…  In true parent-style, none of it was for me…  We then went over to hub’s parents to cook a Sunday roast dinner for them coming back from their holidays.  They had such a lovely time and I got quite jealous seeing their photos over the last week!

This week we’ve got a few things going on…  O and I are at the dentists tomorrow, the car is being serviced on Wednesday whilst O goes off on a day trip with his old nursery.  I was a bit annoyed when hubs suggested it to be honest.  I thought it was only right that he stay with me and Q as I’m not at work so can look after him.  But hubs sold it to me as I would be having a break and it would allow me to get a few things done, so I agreed in the end.  O is really looking forward to it, so I know he’ll be fine.  Hubs is off work Thursday and Friday and we’ve got a couple of things planned – can’t wait!  Just hope the weather is good/dry.

Meals this week are:

Monday – Sausages, mashed potatoes and vegetables

Tuesday – Chilli and rice (freezer)

Wednesday – Chicken Jalfrezi

Thursday – Homemade Pasta with Tomato and Mozzarella sauce and garlic bread

Friday – Chippy tea (because O has been hounding us for one all week)

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