Meal Planning Monday 33/2016

Wow! What a busy weekend! Friday night, hubs and I went “out, out” on our own for the first time since Q was born in March. We were only out for a couple of hours, but we had such a good time – and I definitely needed it! We went to a new restaurant in town which we’d heard mixed reviews about so I was a little anxious to start with.

The setting was so lovely, the food was amazing and we sank a cocktail each before sharing a bottle of really nice wine. The desserts were excellent – I had a Sicilian Lemon Tart which was utterly delicious. I was a bit surprised at how much it cost (£100 for two) but it was worth it. As hubs and I said, it’s a “special occasion” place, not an “eat out for tea” place.  I would usually share some photographs but we got so caught up in conversation, I completely forgot!

Saturday, we visited Lowther Show – a weekend fair celebrating everything Cumbrian and countryside. We usually visit the Taste Cumbria Festival in September, but we’ll miss it this year so thought we’d make the trip to Lowther instead. We saw horse and carriage racing, gun-dog trials and all-sorts – we had a great day.  Bonus – we bought some lovely treats including chocolate covered strawberries and homemade pork scratchings!

Yesterday was pretty manic too. We collected shopping from Asda, O’s second birthday cake and spent the morning preparing a little buffet for the kids for O’s birthday party in the afternoon. Egg and ham sandwiches, pizza, cocktail sausages and cheese, crisps, party rings and more – they were spoiled! It’s the first time I’ve needed to do food for a party  of his since he was a baby.  He had such a great time and all the other kids seemed to enjoy it too.  He thought it was awesome having more presents to open when he got home!

This week, hubs is at work all week. I’m now on holiday-focus mode and need to get ahead with my blogging and start to pack. So we’re having:

Monday – Salmon en croute with potato dauphinoise

Tuesday – Gammon with jacket potato and veg

Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognese

Thursday – Feta and Chickpea Pilaf

Friday – Chicken Jalfrezi

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday 33/2016

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely evening…£100 sounds a lot but if you had some quality time together like you did it is totally worth it.
    It sounds like O’s party went well…
    Have great week x

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