Q: 5 Months Update

Baby Q…  You’re now 5 months old!  Well, you were actually 5 months old on O’s birthday last week but I figure that one update a week is enough.  In your last update, I talked about how much you’ve been giggling lately!  You’ve certainly found your voice and laugh, chatter and squeal all the time now.  You’re a right little chatterbox!  You love that O talks to you in a baby voice – you find it absolutely hilarious and throw your all into a fistful of belly-laughs!  It’s so cute.

5 Months Update

You’ve never really been a baby that wanted held constantly – I’m lucky, I know – and I could put you down on your mat or in your bouncy chair for a good while as long as you weren’t tired or hungry.  Now, you like to be standing.  Obviously, you’re too little to have any balance to stand on your own at the moment, but you will not sit on a lap for longer than a few minutes before kicking out your legs straight and holding your body stiff as a board until we hold you in a standing position.  Perfect timing to bring out the Jumperoo…  You love it!  You love grabbing at the flashing lights and little toys on there whilst bending and straightening your legs, and swinging from side to side by moving your weight from one foot to the other.

5 Months Update

Your smile is so infectious, we can’t help but smile back when you show how happy you are.  You’re so adorable!  When you’re not smiling, you’re now usually chewing something.  Your fingers, my fingers, your dummy, your Peter Rabbit blanket, Sophie the giraffe; pretty much anything.  We’re still breastfeeding and there has been a couple of times where you’ve attempted to use me as a teether – all I will say is, OUCH.  You haven’t cut any teeth yet, but there are signs they’re due any time.  Dribbling and chewing, all the time.  I’ll be breaking out the liquid Anbesol soon, I’m sure!

5 Months Update

Last weekend, your Daddy and I went out for a meal alone for the first time since you were born.  You had your first sleepover at Grandma’s and slept in a room different to ours for the first time.  We kept you in your moses basket but put it inside the cot, and you were fine with that, so we have continued to do the same at home.  So you’re now in your own room, still sleeping in your basket but we’ll have to make the transition out of there by the time we go on holiday next week.  Your first holiday.

5 Months Update

You’re now into age 6-9 months clothes, although ones from George at Asda are a bit on the small side so may need to go up to 9-12 months sooner than expected!  Many people comment on how Mama’s milk must be made of good stuff because you’re such a fantastic boy – I couldn’t be prouder.

5 Months Update

So now I am the proud Mummy of 5 year old and 5 month old boys.  This weird number thing won’t ever happen again.  Apart from you both being born on the 9th day of respective months, of course.  It really doesn’t feel like yesterday that I was writing your 4 months update – this month has flown by.  You’ve loved spending lots of time with your brother this month whilst school is off for the summer and it has been a pleasure seeing your relationship blossom.

Love you lots like jelly tots, love from Mummy xxx

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  1. I can not believe he is five months old already, what?! Lovely that he’s taken to his own room so well. Both my boys loved their jumperoo too, they’re such an investment! xx

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