Siblings – August 2016

Another month has passed and I’m now the very proud parent of a 5 year old and 5 month old!  I can’t believe how quickly time passes once you have babies.  It really does fly by!  This month has been pretty awesome to be honest.  Since our last Siblings post, O has finished school for the summer and the boys have really enjoyed spending lots of time together.

Siblings August 2016

Siblings August 2016

O loves to give Q lots of cuddles – I don’t think that’s going to change for a long time!  Q thinks he’s utterly hilarious, especially when O talks to him in baby-talk.  His goo-goo-gah-gah phrases have Q in fits of hysterics regularly!  Q’s eyes light up whenever he sees O and seeing the love between them really makes my heart sing.

Q has a couple of sleepsuits that say “I Love Mummy” or “I Love Daddy” on them and O has gotten a tad upset that he isn’t referred to on any of Q’s clothing.  Now, I’m on a hunt to find something that says “I Love My Brother”!

Siblings August 2016

Siblings August 2016

I wish time would slow down a bit, to be honest.  Q is now wanting to stand up all the time, unhappy with being sat on someone’s knee!  We bought a second-hand Jumperoo for him and he’s been introduced to that this last week.  He loves it – especially when O shows him all the toys he can play with on it!  They both smile and giggle at each other all the time and it’s really lovely to see.

2 thoughts on “Siblings – August 2016

  1. Gorgeous photos of your cuddly boys. That is so cute that he wants an ‘I love brother’ sleep suit, I hope you find one. The jumperoo is great fun, but it’s so big!!! Enjoy the rest of the holidays x #thesiblingsproject

  2. Oh just look at those smiles! It’s so lovely that they’re starting as the best of friends. For the clothes, what about buying a plain shirt and using fabric markers so you can have it say whatever he wants?!

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