Weird eBay Sales, Robots and Jalfrezi – #LittleLoves


10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in July 2016

I’ve been a follower of Emma’s blog, From Aldi to Harrods, for a while now.  A few weeks ago, I signed up to her Money Making Boot Camp in a bid to make some extra pennies whilst living on a measly maternity wage.  We’ve been selling bits on eBay and even tried our hand at matched betting and I’m quite pleased with how we’ve done so far.  That’s for another post.  This week, I spotted this little gem – a regular monthly feature on Emma’s blog and there are some weird and wonderful being successfully sold on eBay.


Hubs and I love watching Masterchef, and other cooking shows, and I spotted that an American version of Masterchef Junior was being shown on W.  O loves cooking and baking and, although he’s not the most adventurous with trying new foods, he loves to watch and learn.  We had such a good time cheering on the contestants and especially watching the final.  O told me that he wants to keep cooking and learning so that he can be a masterchef when he grows up.



I haven’t been feeling too well this week.  I had promised O that I would take him out somewhere fun for the day on Monday, but it just wasn’t possible to do with both kids on my own whilst feeling so rubbish.  I had been saving cereal boxes, milk bottle tops and egg cartons for a couple of weeks before school broke up for an emergency crafting session – and boy, did they come in handy!  We made a pretty awesome robot, if I do say so myself, which we’re really proud of!  I’m far from a crafty mum – I can’t draw very well and am not the most creative when it comes to messy things.  I’m far too organised!


We also made a banging chicken jalfrezi for tea on Wednesday.  I thought it would help get rid of my cold, but it didn’t make a difference.  It just set my mouth on fire.


I’ve been in my comfy summer tapered trousers this week.  I especially love these ones from H&M – I feel like I’m wearing pyjamas that are acceptable in public!


Is anyone else watching Celebrity Big Brother?  I don’t ever think I’ve heard this song before, until the ‘talent show’ the other day…

and Lastly…

Today we’re off out for the day to Lowther Castle as they’ve just opened a new adventure park – The Lost Castle.  We’re so excited – review coming on the blog soon…  It’s O’s birthday on Tuesday next week so we’re in a haze of arranging gifts and collecting last RSVP’s for his party the following weekend.

4 thoughts on “Weird eBay Sales, Robots and Jalfrezi – #LittleLoves

  1. OMG Steph that makes me feel really old with you saying you had never heard Touch Me by Sam Fox, I remember it being in the charts lol. Talking of BB I loved the normal one that has just finished but I just cannot get into CBB and we have given up on it. Love the robot as I am also not creative and rubbish at drawing. Crafts have me shuddering in the corner x

  2. I normally watch CBB but this year I don’t have a clue who most of them are!! Your Jalfrezi looks very yummy indeed! Have a wonderful time at Lowther Castle! #LittleLove

  3. I love a good craft session when you just chuck a load of junk and stuff on the table and let them get on with it. Perfect activity for rainy days or days when you can’t go out.
    And, oh man, how good does that Jalfrezi look? I could totally eat that right now! xx

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