Blogger Best Bits featuring Kids, Kicks and Cloth

Hello and welcome to Bloggers Best Bits!  This is a brand new blog series sharing some of the best blog posts out there in the ether.  I’ve asked bloggers to get in touch and share their favourite, or their reader’s favourite, blog post.  So much goes into writing a good blog, and we should be proud of what we have!

Bloggers Best Bits

In this very first week, I welcome Jay from the Parenting blog Kids, Kicks and Cloth.  Over to Jay…

Who are you, and where do you blog?

I’m Jay, a former Grime writer/A&R and Hairdresser. I have 2 kids and cloth nappy/trainer addiction. I write about our parenting, food and cloth nappies, baby wearing and share lots of photos along the way.

What is your most successful/favourite blog post?

Mum Buns and other style ruts

Give us a taster… What’s it about?

Those days your hair is up in a bun, you’ve got leggings on again and you’ve forgotten what you look like with blusher on…

What inspired you to write this post?

I felt stuck, post baby. My image was very important to me when I was music blogging and getting pregnant had changed everything. Then along came the baby and it didn’t matter anymore but then one day I realised it did matter, it mattered to me.

What makes this your most successful/favourite post?

It is my most shared post so far and I had a lot of fellow blogger engagement. It’s pretty much one of my most heartfelt posts too.

Where can we find you?

You can find me over on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Thank you Jay for sharing your post – I can totally relate to your post and I’m sure many other mums out there will too!

If you would like to take part in the Bloggers Best Bits series, let me know either on Twitter or by email and I can send you the questions!


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