Meal Planning Monday – 36/2016

We’re back!  Our holiday was amazing and I’ll post about that later in the week… But now that we’re back from our holiday, we’re back on the meal planning bandwagon too.  I’ve put on a little holiday weight, on top of my post-baby weight, and have started a plan to get back in shape.  I posted last week about my tips on creating a fabulous meal plan and why you should do it – if you missed my post, please do check it out!

Both hubs and I are starting to use the My Fitness Pal app to help us stay on track.  I’ve allowed myself an extra 500 calories a day as I’m still exclusively breastfeeding Q.  Ive used the app before and I think it’s a great way to keep track of how much you’re consuming as there are so many empty calories in things.  I have no idea if 500 calories is enough to supplement breastfeeding, it’s a bit of trial and error.  I probably should talk to my GP about it but it’s so hard to get an appointment!  It’s on  my to-do list.

So, this week we’re eating:

Monday – Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

Tuesday – Taco’s

Wednesday – Spanish Chicken Bake

Thursday – Freezer Surprise (probably Spaghetti Bolognase)

Friday – Gammon with new potatoes and vegetables

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