Natural History Museum Dinosaur Stationery – Review

Now that the schools are back in session, it’s an awful lot quieter in my house between 9am and 3pm!  O was back at school last week and thrown right in the deep end with a full five day week, after seven weeks off for the summer.  He’s handled it like any other five year old, coming home to a snack and some juice and crashing in front of the television – feeling exhausted!  However, the start of Year 1 comes with it extra homework, and we’ve been sent some fantastic dinosaur stationery from the National History Museum to set O off on the right foot.

Dinosaur Stationery

Throughout his Reception year, the only homework he was asked to complete was to read his school reading book a minimum of three times a week and write a little bit in an exercise book to create a continuing written conversation with his teacher.  Much of the same is to be expected for Year 1, with the addition of a weekly spellings test.

We’re yet to receive any written homework for O to complete, which is quite welcome at the moment as he’s so tired, I think he’d struggle to do it willingly!  But we have been using the stationery for a little while now in preparation for the school year.  The T-Rex Pencil case has even been on holiday with us, filled with pencils and colouring pencils to colour in one of O’s colouring books.

Dinosaur Stationery

O loves his button badges that now adorn his school book bag and has started to write his Christmas wish list in his notepad…  Those after-school television adverts have a lot to answer for!  All of the stationery items are fantastic quality and O absolutely loves the T-Rex dinosaur designs.  Even down to the footprint tag attached to the notebook, the National History Museum have created some really well designed products that are fabulous for the back to school crowd, or any dinosaur-loving children.

Do you buy new stationery at the start of each school year?  What sort of homework does your school require of them?

Disclosure:  We were sent these products for the purpose of this post, however all words and opinions are our own.

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