Planning How To Redecorate The Nursery

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Living in a new-build house for almost three years, it wouldn’t be unusual to get itchy feet. We bought the home of our dreams; a show home of a new estate and, although I absolutely love what the interior designers did, I would like to start redecorating parts of the house. Since we moved in, we have converted half of the double garage into a playroom and that’s pretty much it.


I’ve written before about my need to decorate Q’s nursery, which, at this rate, it’ll be a bedroom rather than a nursery as he’s now six months old! I think the only way I’ll get there is by setting time aside in my diary to plan and redecorate.  But, I’ve been thinking about how I can create a calming space for Q with a typically ‘boy-ish’ theme. I love the nautical theme and think that this could be achievable in the small space we have to work with.

Now that the room has been in use for a few months, I know that the furniture needs re-arranged. I don’t like the position of the cot and the wardrobe makes it difficult to get to the window easily. At least this is a fairly easy and straightforward task and can be sorted out pretty quickly!

Nursery Ideas

There are two main things about the room that I aim to change in its redecoration. Firstly, I really dislike the blind that’s currently in place – this room was originally decorated in celebration of the London 2012 Olympics and the pattern just will not fit with any theme that I like. I’ve been looking around at a number of blinds providers, like VELUX, and see how easy it is to get a replacement in a print that I like.

Secondly, I’d like to change the light fitting. Currently, there’s a fixed chrome ceiling light with glass shades. It’s far too ‘grown-up’ for a nursery or kids bedroom and I think a standard shade for a hanging bulb would be more suitable.

I’m going to set myself a goal of completing the redecoration of Q’s room by Christmas – that’s definitely achievable!  I’d love to know what theme you chose for your little one’s bedrooms?  Did you have a dedicated nursery?

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