Preventing Carpet Burns with Holster – Review

For many years, I’ve relied on my trusty GHD hair straighteners so take the curl from my mane.  Since O started to walk, however, I don’t have the time as often to sit down and straighten my hair like I used to so I’ve finally started to embrace my natural locks.  However, I still like to get the straighteners out every now and again to hide my post-pregnancy bald patches re-live my youth.  That’s where the guys at Holster come in.


I’ve burned myself on my hair straightening irons more times than I can remember, and have had a couple of carpet incidents too.  Lately, I’ve taken to half-balancing, half-resting the straighteners against the wardrobe door in an attempt not to singe the carpet in our bedroom and it’s worked so far without setting fire to the house.  But…  In strolls Holster with the ability to hold my straighteners whilst hot!  Their Hot Iron Holster has been created specially.  Woohoo!


So, how they work…  The Holster sticks to any clean, smooth and dry surface, including dressing tables, window sills, tiles, sinks and worktops.  I’ve used the Hot Iron Holster on one of our white gloss bedside tables in the spare room and didn’t have any issue in fixing it in place.


We were also sent Holsters for the sinks, typically used for washing up sponges and brushes, but we chose to use them in the bathroom.  O is terrible for leaving his toothbrush rolling around in the bottom of the sink, instead of standing it on the side.  Since putting the Holster next to the sink, he has started to pop his toothbrush in there with his toothpaste which is great!  No more soapy toothbrushes!  The Holster in the bathroom stuck to the tiled window sill/wall really well too – I’m really impressed!


If they start to lose their ‘stickiness’, it comes back after a wash in warm soapy water.  So here’s to preventing carpet burns with Holster – cheers!  Have you had any mishaps with hair straighteners?

Disclosure:  We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are my own.

One thought on “Preventing Carpet Burns with Holster – Review

  1. These are so clever and very useful too….I like that it sticks so you don’t have to go gluing or screwing things into furniture and walls. What a great idea x

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