Q: 6 Months Update

Oh, little Q – you’re not so little anymore!  I’ve just been reading through your earlier updates, your first ones at two months and three months old and I can’t believe how much you’ve changed in such a short space of time.  Even though you’re still a baby, you’re not really that much of a baby anymore!  The six months mark is a pivotal point in the first year where so many changes seem to occur at once…

Q: 6 months


Since your last update, so much has happened.  Firstly, you’ve been on your first holiday!  Aged just five months and two weeks old, we visited Tonga Towers hotel at Can Picafort, near Alcudia in Majorca.  We had such a lovely time!  You weren’t a great fan of the heat, and stayed mainly in either your swimsuit or a vest, but you were happy to float around the pool and sleep in the shade.  Just as we were settling you into a new routine suited to our holiday, it was time to come home again…  And you didn’t enjoy going back to normal all too much!

Baby Swimming Shop

Tonga Towers

Whilst we were on holiday, you had your first unofficial taste of food – ice cream!  You loved it, although I was careful not to give you very much in case it upset your tummy or gave you brain freeze!  But since we returned home, and you were only a couple of days younger than the governments recommendation of six months old, we started weaning.  If there was ever a moment that told a mother that their baby was growing up, it’s weaning.  Before I know it, you’ll be packing off to University!  Slow down!



You’re enjoying a breakfast of porridge and an occasional lunchtime puree.  I don’t give you very much as your tummy is sensitive but you love it all the same.  You’ve mastered taking food from a spoon, making very little mess, in only a couple of weeks.  What a superstar.  You also love to drink water out of your cup, although are unsure how to hold it to get the spout in your mouth – it’ll come soon enough.

Q: 6 months

You’re becoming more and more active as the days go by.  You still love your Jumperoo and will bounce around for longer now than you did at your last update.  You’ve also discovered how to roll on to your front and back again…  Over and over again…  So much so, that this often happens:

Q: 6 months

You are a crazy six month old little boy, Q, but I wouldn’t change you for the world.  I love your little personality coming out so much now.  You love a good giggle – just like your brother!

Love you lots like jelly tots, love from Mummy xxx

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