Starting Q’s Weaning Journey with Babease – Review

Oh my… My baby is now six months old!  How did that happen?!  I’ve been wondering where to start with introducing food into Q’s diet for a while and so when Babease asked if we would be interested in trying out some of their products, I thought it would be a great starting point for us.  We’ve now been trying out different things for a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d post about how we’re getting on and what we think about the Babease products.


As O is just starting out on his weaning journey, we’re sticking to Stage 1 products at the moment.  When he is able to sit up properly on his own, I will start to introduce Stage 2 products and finger foods, such as baby biscuits, fruit and vegetable sticks.

Babease claim the phrase vegetable led weaning, with each blend completely organic, with no added salt or sugar, and is suitable for vegetarians.  The nutritious recipes introduce natural and more savoury tastes to ‘tutor the taste buds to savoury rather than sweet; kick starting healthy eating habits from the very beginning’.  It’s interesting to note that many ranges of baby food add concentrated fruit juice to their products to create a sweeter flavour – not something that Babease have done.



I love the designs on the pack and how you can easily tell what the main ingredient and flavour of the pack will be.  The packaging shows a little pinwheel detailing the amounts of each ingredient – generally only a handful of fresh vegetables, fruit or grains.  We were also sent a cute little bib in a hessian bag, and a beautiful canvas tote bag – definitely one to add to the weekly shopping bag pile!



The flavours we were sent included ‘sweet potato, carrot & cauliflower’, ‘parsnip, carrot & pear’ and ‘pear & mixed berries with coconut water, brown rice & quinoa’.  The orange coloured purees were a bit of a nightmare to get stains out of the bib – well, I haven’t successfully removed them – but I remember that I had the same problem when O was a baby…  carrots and sweet potato are yummy, but they are not friendly with white fabric!  That’s all that I can find to pick fault with these products – and it isn’t really product-specific!


I tried each of the flavours too – how else was I going to make sure they weren’t too hot or cold – and they were generally tasty.  Q seemed to really love the ‘sweet potato, carrot & cauliflower’ flavour, as well as the berries ones too.  Because his tummy is still only very small, we only had a few spoonfuls of the pouches at a time, which meant there was quite a lot leftover.  They are only to be kept for 24 hours in the fridge after opening.  Q has been suffering with a poorly tummy and trapped wind since he was born, probably caused by his umbilical hernia, so I didn’t want to introduce too much, too soon.


We have introduced a breakfast porridge into Q’s diet too which he has at breakfast-time with the rest of the family, which is nice.  Although we have had some tummy troubles since introducing solids, and I have had to cut back on what Q consumes, I wouldn’t hesitate to continue with Babease into Stage 2 as the food is so pure – it’s just like a puree I would make at home using fresh ingredients.  They’re available in selected Boots and Booths stores and online at Ocado, Boots and Amazon.

How did you start off weaning your babies?  Did you wait until they were six months old?

Disclosure: We were sent the products for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are our own.

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