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Hello and welcome to Bloggers Best Bits!  This is a brand new blog series sharing some of the best blog posts out there in the ether.  I’ve asked bloggers to get in touch and share their favourite, or their reader’s favourite, blog post.  So much goes into writing a good blog, and we should be proud of what we have!

Bloggers Best Bits

Today, I welcome Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine…

Who are you and where do you blog?

I’m Frances (or Fran, if you prefer). I have two small children who keep me awake far more than is really necessary and I have a blog Whinge Whinge Wine.

What is your most successful/favourite blog post?

My most successful blog post is this one which I wrote the day after I returned from holiday. It is entitled ‘Most relaxing holiday ever’ (because I can’t help being sarcastic especially when I’m angry).

Give us a taster… what’s it about?

You know those TV comedy shows where things just keep getting worse and you have to cover your eyes because it’s so cringeworthy? That was basically my family holiday. A catalogue of errors from the moment we landed in Majorca until the moment we got back (well, the moment everyone stopped being ill which was around a week after).

I don’t want to spoil it for you but it involves my entire family being very, very ill and my husband getting kicked off the plane.

What inspired you to write this post?

I was writing a fairly hefty complaint letter to Thomson holidays (which sadly they took three months to reply to with an immensely insincere and patronising non-apology) and so it just needed a little editing to make it into a blog post. Little did I know it would be shared all around the internet and be my most viewed post by far!

What makes this your most successful/favourite post?

On page views alone: the post got at least ten times the normal reach of my posts on its first day! I shared it on the Thomson page and a lot of people got stuck in. I imagine a many had fairly similar experiences. It’s just a shame it didn’t lead to a resolution or apology!

Where can we find you?

I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Thank you for sharing, Fran – I’m so sorry you had such a terrible experience!  I can only be thankful that our holidays haven’t turned out quite like this one.  Fingers crossed your next adventure isn’t as stressful! 

If you would like to take part in the Bloggers Best Bits series, let me know either on Twitter or by email and I can send you the questions!

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