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The world of Disney is taking over my blog!  As you might have read, our little family are taking our first trip to Disneyland and I wanted to flood my blog and all my channels with the Disney love.  Who doesn’t love to get caught up in the Disney magic?!  I’ll be featuring a blogger each day and asking them some burning questions about all things Disney!

Disney Quiz

Today we welcome Naomi from Me Becoming Mum.

What’s your favourite Disney film?

This one is a hard one for me to answer, as I love a few. However I think my favourite has to be Alice in Wonderland – simply for its ridiculous fantasy and fun. I even have a tattoo designed after the Classic Disney movie.

Who’s your favourite Disney character?

I’d have to say Pocahontas… She is stubborn and fiercely independent, just like me!

Who’s your favourite Disney villain?

I don’t like any of them! I spent my childhood booing at the TV and still don’t like them today.

Who is your favourite Disney princess?

I’d say Cinderella – she’s a normal girl who falls in love with a prince, who had plenty of ‘eligible’ suitors. My hubby may not be a prince but he was my superior at work, and he had a lot of ladies after him. However I won his heart.

Who is your favourite Disney prince?

Prince Eric! He is tall, dark and handsome. My type of man!

What’s your least favourite Disney film?

When I was younger Fantasia gave me nightmares, I don’t remember why, and have not actually ever re-watched it to find out if it was really as scary as I apparently found it all those years ago.

What’s your favourite Pixar film?

I love Finding Nemo. I have yet to see Finding Dory, as we didn’t make it out to the cinema but I’m sure I will love that just as much.

What’s your least favourite Pixar film?

Toy Story 3, I mean, seriously! I thought the first in the series was O.K. and then they went and overdid it by releasing two more. They simply got worse as time went on, and I really didn’t enjoy the third!

Which Disney/Pixar film do you think is overrated?

Inside Out had a massive media following, a selection of toys and other merchandise and a lot of love for it. Although I didn’t hate it, I didn’t think it deserved the hype that was built up around it.

Which Disney/Pixar film do you think is underrated?

A Bugs Life! It was a fantastic movie, that I loved as a kid and would still be happy to sit and watch today.

What’s your kid’s favourite Disney film?

Frozen and Tangled are tied for her affections. She loves both and most of the time if we watch one, it will soon be followed by the other.

Who is their favourite character?

Sophia the First is currently top in her mind, she has fallen in love with the television series on Disney Junior – which she can watch on the TV (when I’m feeling nice and let her!) or her iPad on the Sky Kids app. She sings the songs and is happy to watch the same episodes over and over again, although thankfully there is a new series on at the moment.

What’s your favourite Disney film soundtrack?

Here’s my cheat answer: I have the Now That’s What I Call Disney CD. It has a great mix of all of my favourite songs from the different movies I love, and any it doesn’t I downloaded!

What’s your favourite song?

‘Baby Mine’ from Dumbo has to be my current favourite. When my daughter was a tiny baby, she would – on occasion – be completely inconsolable. Due to this I would pace back and forth across the bedroom, singing this song softly to her while rocking her in my arms. It always calmed her down, and to this day she still loves a cuddle while I sing it!

If you could choose to be one of the characters, who would you be?

Aurora – I am desperate for 100 minutes uninterrupted sleep, let alone 100 years!

If you could be best friends with one of the characters, which would you choose?

It would have to be Anna from Frozen. She always sees the best in people, is quick to forgive and such a happy soul. Plus she always keeps her word.

Which Disney animal would you like as a pet?

I adore Rajah, the Tiger from Aladdin. He is beautiful, affection and super protective. The perfect pet!

There has been Disney films released for so many years – which was released closest to the year you were born, and have you seen it/what do you think of it?

If you are looking for any Disney movie, then White Fang would be the answer. It was released 11 days before I was born! I’ve never seen it. In terms of the Classics, Beauty and the Beast was released a few month after I was born. This I have seen and absolutely love! I watched it recently with my daughter, who had never seen it before. She loves it too.

If your family were to star in their version of “The Incredibles”, what would your superpowers be and why?

My husband would definitely just be Mr Incredible. He pretty much is anyway! I would have to have a speed superpower – to be able to clean and tidy and do everything that needs to be done in a decent time. I never have enough hours in the day! My daughter would have some superpower to do with talking. The way that girl can chat would make anyone quake in their boots!

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