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The world of Disney is taking over my blog!  As you might have read, our little family are taking our first trip to Disneyland and I wanted to flood my blog and all my channels with the Disney love.  Who doesn’t love to get caught up in the Disney magic?!  I’ll be featuring a blogger each day and asking them some burning questions about all things Disney!

Disney Quiz

Today we welcome Angela from The Inspiration Edit.

What’s your favourite Disney film?

My Favourite Disney Film is Pocahontas. I love the music and the songs and the storyline. I really love the song Colours of the Wind.

Who’s your favourite Disney character?

I think my favourite Disney character would have to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I love her hair and character.

What’s your least favourite Disney film?

I don’t really like the movie Brother Bear. I’ve seen it many times as a teacher and it’s just not a storyline that I enjoy although it does have a good moral.

What’s your kids favourite Disney film?

Sylvia’s Favourite Disney movie is Tangled. She loves to watch this and sing along to the songs.

Who is their favourite character?

Sylvia’s favourite character is Moana. Although we haven’t seen the actually movie yet my daughter is like Moana Polyneisan and is really excited for their to be a Disney character the same culture and ethnicity.

What’s your favourite Disney film soundtrack?

It has to be Mulan. I love the Mulan soundtrack especially the song Reflection.

What’s your favourite song?

My all time favourite song is Tale as old as time from Beauty and the Beast.

If you could choose to be one of the characters, who would you be?

If I could be any character I’d be Jasmine from Aladdin as Id love to make a wish and fly on a magic carpet.

Which Disney animal would you like as a pet?

Nemo- I’d love a fish like Nemo.

There has been Disney films released for so many years – which was released closest to the year you were born, and have you seen it/what do you think of it?

The movie that came out closest to my date of birth is The Fox and the Hound. I’ve never actually seen it but now I want to.

And Angela has a question for our readers which is…

“What happened to the Seven Dwarfs After Snow White married the Prince?”

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