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The world of Disney is taking over my blog!  As you might have read, our little family are taking our first trip to Disneyland and I wanted to flood my blog and all my channels with the Disney love.  Who doesn’t love to get caught up in the Disney magic?!  I’ll be featuring a blogger each day and asking them some burning questions about all things Disney!

Disney Quiz

Today we welcome Louise from Little Hearts Big Love.

What’s your favourite Disney film?

I love Frozen. Probably more than my girls do to be honest!

Who’s your favourite Disney character?

Current favourite is probably Kristoff – I think if my husband was turned into a Disney character, it would be Kristoff.

Who’s your favourite Disney villain?

Mother Gothel but mostly because I like the song she gets to sing!

Who is your favourite Disney princess?

I always wanted to be Aurora as a little girl. I loved the colour changing dress and wanted to have her beautiful singing voice too.

Who is your favourite Disney prince?

I quite like Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty.

What’s your least favourite Disney film?

Bambi. I saw it when I was little and the scene where Bambi’s mother died traumatised me!

What’s your favourite Pixar film?

I love The Incredibles. Hubby and I once dressed up as them for a fancy dress party.

What’s your least favourite Pixar film?

I’m not a fan of Finding Nemo – I got bored of it halfway through. The rest of my family love it though.

Which Disney/Pixar film do you think is overrated?

Finding Nemo – I think it just goes on a bit too long to be honest. I suspect I might be alone in this view though!

What’s your kids favourite Disney film?

Toy Story is a firm favourite here – I’ve lost count of how many times it’s been requested. They just love Buzz and “Buddy” (otherwise known as Woody!)

Who is their favourite character?

It’s a toss-up between Woody and Queen Elsa but I think Elsa just about wins it.

What’s your favourite Disney film soundtrack?

Frozen is the current favourite – although the children won’t let me sing with them if they’re singing along to it!

What’s your favourite song?

I love Reflection – it’s one that had a lot of resonance for me for a long time – I spent so long feeling like I was hiding the real me behind a mask. Thankfully the person who looks back at me from the mirror is the person I identify with these days!

If you could choose to be one of the characters, who would you be?

I would like to be Mary Poppins. Mostly because I quite like the idea of being able to click my fingers and instantly tidy up the house. Being able to jump into chalk paintings and fly into the air using an umbrella would be quite cool too.

If you could be best friends with one of the characters, which would you choose?

Anna – she has a good mixture of feistiness and friendliness.

Which Disney animal would you like as a pet?

I’d quite like to have Cinderella’s mice – useful little creatures to have around!

There has been Disney films released for so many years – which was released closest to the year you were born, and have you seen it/what do you think of it?

The Rescuers – haven’t seen it for years but I loved it as a child and the song from it “Someone’s Waiting For You” still makes me cry.

If your family were to star in their version of “The Incredibles”, what would your superpowers be and why?

I’d have x-ray vision because I seem to be the only person in my house who can see things when others can’t find them! Hubby would have super-strength, Jessica would have super-human endurance (given what’s she’s been through in her life so far I think she already has this) and Sophie would have the ability to climb anything (again one I suspect she already has!)

Did Snow White ever eat an apple again?

Only if she picked it from the tree herself.

Are Anna and Kristoff getting married any time soon?

Well given that he reminds me of my husband, I’d say probably not – hubby took eight years to pop the question.
Little Hearts Big Love
Thanks for joining in Louise – I love your Incredibles costume!  If you enjoyed Louise’s post, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  If you’d like to read the other posts in this series, you can do that here.

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