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The Great Northern Christmas at Booths @boothscountry #BoothsChristmas

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I attended a fabulous Christmas event at Booths supermarket in Penrith on Tuesday evening and picked up a copy of their product catalogue for the festive season.  I will write about the event next week, but the items they stock are of absolutely fabulous quality and are produced locally.  The catalogue also contains a handful of recipes that look delicious so I can’t wait to try some of those out.


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve set myself the task of watching series 1-6 of The Walking Dead.  I’ve now finished series 5…  I’m really enjoying watching it and can’t switch it off!  I love Darryl (I hope he doesn’t die, as that seems to be the theme of the show) and Carol too.  It’s really very gory and grim though, so won’t include a trailer!


Ultimate Chocolate Brownies recipe

Ultimate Chocolate Brownies recipe

We invited some of A’s family over for Sunday dinner at the weekend.  I made a joint of roast pork with crackling, Yorkshire puddings and vegetables for everyone, then followed it up with a batch of homemade chocolate brownies and Cornish ice cream.


It’s not often I get dressed up – I’m often in my joggers with my hair tied back…  But I did make an effort and slapped on a bit of make-up for the Christmas event earlier in the week.  I wore a burgundy crepe top from New Look with a gold and white statement necklace from Dorothy Perkins.

On my way to the #BoothsChristmas event! 🎁🎄🍾☺️

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I’ve just downloaded the Now That’s What I Call Disney album to make car journeys a bit more fun for O (and me!).  This is the first track.  I’m sure most mums are totally sick of this song, but O has never been Frozen-obsessed.  I must admit, I think I sing this song pretty well!  Love a good singalong…

and Lastly…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I took part in the #LittleLoves linky.  I always have the best intentions!  Since my last post, I’ve attended a festive themed BlogOn conference in Manchester.  I had such a great time and enjoyed meeting up with old blogging friends and meeting new ones too.  It’s always quite a bizarre first interaction in person with another blogger – you know so much about them and chat through a keyboard, but that first encounter in ‘real life’ is a bit odd!  I never feel like I’m established enough to speak to others and doubt they’ll even recognise my blog name never mind recognise my face or name.


Anyway.  Q was with me the whole day and he was an absolute diamond.  The goody bag was epic and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.  I’ll be booking my ticket for the May event as soon as they’re released!

Linking up with Morgana over at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for the #LittleLoves link-up.

7 thoughts on “Chocolate Brownies, The Walking Dead and BlogOn – #LittleLoves

  1. You can’t beat a proper Sunday dinner, especially when you’ve got brownies and ice cream for pudding!!
    I love the Walking Dead too and I cannot wait for it to come back on TV.
    Have a great weekend xx

  2. Sunday Roast – yum! Those brownies look delicious. Hubby and I LOVE The Walking Dead and can’t wait for the new series to start. It seems like lots of people enjoyed BlogOn, will definitely consider it next year. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It must be the week of brownies. I made some too and so delicious and then I randomly made some more. hahah I need to back away from brownies but when the weather is cold and coffee is on it’s the perfect pair. Blog On is great I went three years in a row lots to learn and get to know other bloggers helps so much too. Haven’t seen walking dead but so many rave about it. Happy week ahead. #littleloves

  4. It was typical that I didn’t go to Blog On (after going to the previous 2) and get the chance to meet you Steph. But I will definitely be there in May, and yes how epic are the goody bags. My husband and teen have watched the Walking Dead and they rave about it. but I don’t think I would enjoy it. I just leave the boys to watch it and disappear for some peace and quiet #littleloves x

  5. Oh my goodness those brownies look delicious! And with Cornish ice cream too. Yum!

    I’m glad you had fun at the BlogOn event. I really must pluck up the courage to attend a blogging event next year.


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