We’re Going to Disneyland Paris!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while, but have had so many other things I wanted to share and there’s only so many hours in the day!  Just before we went on our first family holiday to Majorca in August, we popped into the local travel agents and booked to go to Disneyland in Paris this October half-term!  O is so excited!

Our plan is to visit Donna for a couple of days on the way down to catch the Eurostar, before heading off on our first Disney adventure.  If I’m honest, I thought our first trip to Disney would be to the Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida.  I had suggested to hubs that we could go next year before Q turns two years old, to get the holiday at a cheaper cost, but the travel agents said we’d still have to pay at least 50% full price for him!  That idea was swiftly scrapped as we just don’t have ££££’s lying around.  It was then that we considered Disneyland Paris instead.


The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the long drive from home to Donna’s in one day, and the drive home from the station on the south coast on our return home.  On our recent visit to Manchester for the Blog On conference, Q didn’t really enjoy being in his car seat for any great deal amount of time.  He’s not used to sleeping in the car, as he tends just to nap in his cot, but we’ll have to deal with that!  Plenty of stops at service stations and maybe a soft play centre somewhere halfway where we can get the boys out for an hour.

As O was the one who asked the travel agent to book our holiday, he knows that we’re going.  I always imagined we would do the whole announcement thing the day before we went, but he isn’t really one for surprises.  He’s excited though, and we’ve been watching all of our Disney DVD’s and films on Netflix so that we’re prepared to meet all the characters whilst we’re there.

Disneyland Paris

We’ve booked into one of the Disney hotels and have paid for a dining plan too to save any hassle.  However, I have no idea what to expect at the Paris resort!  I went to Florida a good 12 years ago but have never visited Disneyland Paris.  If you’ve been, please do let me know what your favourite things about the parks are!  I’d also appreciate any advice about how to cope with a baby whilst trying to go on the rides and allow O to do as much as he can.

Here’s to making memories…

7 thoughts on “We’re Going to Disneyland Paris!

  1. I’ve been Florida and Paris Disneys and loved both of them. Paris is exactly the same, if I remember it right, same rides, characters etc. Are you able to book fast pass with your tickets? If so, do it as is saves lots of time queuing for rides. It’s easy too, just download the Disney app, link your tickets and away you go.

    Disney offer child swap on the rides. (Not sure if this is Paris as well but I would assume so). Just go to the queue entrance and ask for child swap, they give you up to 3 fastpass tickets so you can ride again, switching parents, without having to queue.

    Florida is amazing but the food in the park was limited, all fast food, which is to be expected I suppose but in Paris they had nice sandwhich stalls, crusty bread, cheese and ham they were lovely. If they’re still there try them if your sick of hot dogs and pizza.

    We visited Disney in Paris for new year 6 year ago. It was freezing and waiting for the fireworks we were like ice blocks. The fireworks won’t be as late in October, I think it’s about 9.30-10pm but will still be chilly. Buy some hand warmers, Little hotties- you just give them a shake and they get toasty warm and stay fit for 8hrs. Great for kids too, pop them in their boots or pockets for their hands. They can get very warm so keep an eye on them if in the boots. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281914473898

    Have you got Disney memory maker? This was free with the Disney ticket in Florida. It’s great as you get all your photos with the characters, on the rides and by any Disney photographer. Just scan your ticket and they appear on your app.

    I love Disney, was thinking of booking Paris next year. Look forward to read your blog once you’ve been ☺️

  2. I went quite a few years so can’t really remember that much other than that the Buzz Lightyear ride is great so make sure you watch number 1 before you go as it’s about Zourg. I loved the hotel lift dropbuy might be a bit much for O!

  3. How exciting! I’ve been there a few times, but funnily enough that was pre-baby! We’re going for Christmas with our little boy and can’t wait!

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time. As soon as you step inside the Disney magic will take over! I agree with the tips in the first comment, especially about wrapping up warmly. Have fun! X

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