Making Your Home Cosy for Winter

*This is a collaborative post

After having such a lovely summer, it seems a bit of shame to have to get ready for the colder months. But autumn is one of my favourite times of the year as it means that we can all look forward to making our nests cosier and enjoy the long run up to Christmas. So once you’ve got all of the garden furniture packed away, check out some of these ways that we can ensure that our homes are warm and wonderfully welcoming places to escape those chilly nights!

Even a lovely new home like ours can suffer from the occasional draught, and so I’m always on a mission to cover up any gaps in letter boxes, windowsills and door frames. Particularly as the Energy Savings Trust said that we could save up to £50 per year with a good dose of draught-proofing!

But it’s not just boring things like insulation that can make all of the difference, as there’s plenty of lovely soft furnishings that can be used to ramp up the comfort factor.  I’m a big fan of packing the bedrooms with lots of cushions and pillows, and there’s nothing like spending an evening in front of the television whilst being wrapped up in a luxury tartan wool throw that’ll instantly turn your home into a particularly cosy Highlands log cabin!


Shopping around for homeware and soft furnishings is now so much easier in the online domain as many sites like Bedstar offer a no-nonsense service that can help us make sure our beds are ready for the cooler months thanks to their next day deliver of a host of items like winter memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers – particularly handy if there’s a sudden dip in temperatures!

Even something as simple as lighting can make all of the difference when preparing your home for winter. I’m a massive fan of natural light and so I’ll be stocking up on plenty of tealights to dot around the home to make it feel especially snug.

And I love to also try to match the colours of autumn with a warming choice of colour palette in terms of ochres, reds and golds that can make a huge difference when it comes to combating the dull greys of early autumn.

And with some of these adorable autumn wreaths being able to be delivered to your home in a matter of days, there’s never been an easier way to make your home ready for the cooler months!

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