Me and Mine – October 2016

October has been a pretty chilled month for us as a family.  At the end of September, we had a bunch of photographs taken by a local photographer and this month we picked them up.  We have some beautiful images of the boys together and individually, but also a handful of the four of us.

Me and Mine - October 2016

We’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out. We now have this one (below) printed and framed in our living room.  I absolutely love how happy we all look!

Me and Mine - October 2016

Since then, the weather has turned colder and it’s definitely feeling like Autumn. O is now wearing trousers to school instead of shorts and keeping his jumper on for most of the day. He’s still taking his scooter to school most mornings to ride back home on, but not on the wet days. Soggy handles are not cool!

Me and Mine - October 2016

We’ve spent this last week away as it was the October half-term school holiday. We asked O to book four nights in Disneyland Paris a while ago, and we’ve just got back! We had an amazing time and will write about it in detail soon.

Me and Mine - October 2016

We spent the first weekend of the holidays with Donna and her family. We visited Legoland Windsor on the Sunday which meant we got all day around the park and fireworks at the end of the day. It was spectacular and we all had such a good time!

Here’s to November! What have you and your family been up to this month?

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3 thoughts on “Me and Mine – October 2016

  1. Ahh what gorgeous captures this month. Legoland and Disney what a treat. I am dying to take my two someday. #meandmineproject

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