Must-Have AW16 Interior Trends

*This is a collaborative guest post.

Now that the autumn/winter season is upon us, there’s a whole new array of interior trends to go crazy for or simply give a little nod to. A selection of the new trends has leant towards adventure while others are firmly rooted in the decadent. Which one fits your style?

Here’s a rundown of the latest trends for AW16 so you can stay interior savvy.

Historic explorer

This trend is all about the appreciation of antiques and the rich history they depict. Think of yourself as a modern-day Indiana Jones on the hunt for treasures of untold wealth and beauty. In real terms this boils down to working in older styles into your 21st century abode, letting them become conversation starters and give the impression that you are well travelled, and cultured (even if you’re not!).


If you can find some vintage maps to display (the older the better), this is a great start. Other frame-worthy options include old drawings of flowers and wildlife or anything else symbolising nature. Think weathered looking globes, lace patterns, magnifying glasses and even an upcycled vintage suitcase for storage solutions that fit the theme.

Don’t forget about old books, encyclopaedias and lovely little art deco accents such as touches of marble (or marble effect) here and there. Every detail works together to give your guests the feeling of adventure and curiosity.

Making a Statement

Moving on to the bathroom, another trend making waves is statement mirrors. Bold, bright and beautiful are the three B’s in this AW16 style must-have and you can go as modern or vintage as you like, as long as the mirror becomes the focal point of the room.


You can also be practical with this addition (as well as adding a touch of elegance) by investing in a bathroom cabinet with shaver socket (like some of these for example). You might as well enjoy your reflection and be able to preen at will while the room is exuding style.

If you have the room in the bathroom, you can add in another large mirror to give the illusion of a larger space.

Woodland Creatures

A trend that has been gaining momentum for a while is the woodland one. Who can resist a cushion with elegant but mischievous looking foxes on it, a bedspread with hedgehogs adorning it or even a lampshade made with little pictures of rabbits dotted all over the pattern? You can’t move for woodland fabric and it’s so cute that I don’t think anyone’s angry about that!

Colour palettes will stay very earthy with browns and greens but with splashes of warm oranges and berry shades thrown in the mix. It is a relaxing trend that brings the outdoors inside – perfect for when the weather is throwing you an icy chill or lashing down with rain.

Etsy has a great selection of homewares that fit the bill. Woodland scenes and floral fabrics could be strewn about the main living areas of your home or even be the main theme of your little one’s bedroom. So sweet!

Roaring Twenties

This fabulous trend moves away from nature and instead steps into the world of glamour and decadence. The ‘roaring twenties’ was such an exciting era that it comes as no surprise that interior trends drift in and out of this period of time every few years – guaranteed not to be a passing phase.

When Baz Luhrmann released the remake of The Great Gatsby in 2013, we fell in love all over again with the 20s. Then, as British TV show Downton Abbey began to edge into this era, we were in awe of the attention to detail of the set designers and wished we could enjoy the luxury of the Abbey too!

Think materials that exude wealth such as silk and velvet, keeping in mind elegant lines and statement pieces (like a gorgeous bathroom mirror – hitting two trends with one piece). Worried about cash flow? Don’t be. This trend can be done just as effectively with small touches of luxury.


Metallic and mirrored surfaces add to the theme so don’t be afraid to be bold with your more mundane pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, desks and a chest of drawers. You could also invest in a vintage drinks cabinet to really set the 20s feel into motion.

How about a 20s themed party to celebrate your latest homage to the hottest trends? Go full on with the costumes to boot or simply show off your home with a few drinks and nibbles – the choice is yours.

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