Q: 7 Months Update

I feel like time is flying by at a rate unknown and I can’t keep up!  You’re now 7 months old, Q, and you’re loving life!  You’re now starting to sit unaided, although you prefer to be lying down or standing up – not somewhere in between!  This month, we visited a local photographer at With Love Photography to have some professional photographs taken of you.  We did the same when O was a similar age so we thought it would be good to update our family portraits now you’ve arrived!

Q: 7 months update

We are so happy with the outcome.  You were an absolute star in the studio, sitting up (sort of) and smiling sweetly for the camera.  As ever, you were in at your feet – probably your favourite position to lay in.  We also got a few photos of us all together as a family of four, and some photographs taken of you and your brother.

Q: 7 months update

You’ve started to move around a bit more by rolling around the living room floor and still love your jumperoo.  You love to be held in a standing position and seem to have become a bit of a daredevil as you like to be held upside down too!

Mamia Aldi

You don’t seem to be a fan of your high chair though…  I think it’s the level of containment and that you can’t really move about when you’re in there!  You only seem happy in there when you’re having your meals but as soon as you’re finished, you want out.  You’ve started to try more foods, but we’re still sticking with mainly smooth purees at the moment.  I’ve tried a couple of thicker, textured purees and you didn’t like them at all.  I should probably have tried them a bit more with you, but you just wretched the whole time and I felt bad!  So, we’re starting to go down the baby led weaning route and introducing finger foods instead.  So far, we’ve tried you with cucumber, bread and Organix carrot sticks that look like giant Wotsits.  You much prefer this type of weaning!

You’re starting to grow out of your 6-9 months clothes and are heading into the 9-12 month sizes.  Your Nana A has knitted a beautiful red hooded cardigan for you, buttoned up with little red toggles like a Duffle coat and you look so adorable in it!  So much so that O has asked for one big enough for him too.

Q: 7 months update

O has been back at school this last month and we’ve got back into our routine of school runs, naps and meals.  It’s nice to have a bit of normality back, but you’re missing O now he’s back at school.  You absolutely adore him and it’s so lovely to see you giggle at him for a good half hour each night after we’ve picked him up.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for this next month – I can’t wait to share them, but I also would like time just to slow down a little bit more so I can enjoy my baby.

Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy xxx

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