Siblings – October 2016

This last month has flown by!  I think once the kids are back at school, the days go so fast.  Since our September edition of Siblings, we’ve been quite busy albeit not going on traditional family day’s out.  We’ve been spending our weekends at O’s football practice and re-organising the house – I know, so exciting!

Siblings October 2016

But, we did go for a weekend in Manchester at the end of September so that I could attend the BlogOn conference at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Hubs and O had a lovely day exploring the museum, having a Pizza Express lunch with friends and running around a nearby park.

Siblings October 2016

As Q gets older, his personality shines out and his love to laugh is adorable.  O knows exactly how to make it happen and it’s so cute seeing them giggling away together for half an hour after school each day.  It makes my heart feel like it’s bursting!  Q is enjoying the weaning process too and O loves to get involved and help to feed him.  Although we’re slowly moving away from pureed food and onto Baby Led Weaning, he’s happy to pick up the toys or cups that Q has thrown on the floor to give back with him.

Siblings October 2016

Just after our last post, we visited the With Love Photography studio for some professional shots of our little family.  We had similar ones taken when O was around 4 months old so wanted to update our albums.  We had such a great experience with Samantha and Victoria; they managed to get our boys smiling beautifully and we’ve come away with some amazing shots – wouldn’t you agree?

The Me and Mine Project

Joining in with Lucy at Dear Beautiful for the Siblings Linky.

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  1. These are such wonderful photographs – real memories to treasure. I do like having my two boys quite close in age but I think sometimes that having a bigger age gap would better – it sounds like your boys have a great relationship already.

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