Heston Week, Cloudy Skies and Jack Skellington – #LittleLoves


I will never know a son’s love…

This week, I really enjoyed reading Laura’s post “I Will Never Know a Son’s Love”.  Laura featured this week as part of my Blogger’s Best Bits series and this post really struck a chord with me.  As a mum of two boys, I’ve got the shoe on the other foot – will I ever experience the love of a daughter?  To see what I really mean, you will need to read Laura’s post!


I’ve now caught up with The Walking Dead.  Oh my days – what a brutal first episode to Season 7!  I won’t give anything away if you’re yet to catch up, but I would recommend not to watch it alone.  Or in the dark.  Or if you have an easily upset stomach.


I’ve also been catching up on Masterchef Australia since we’ve been away and have loved watching Heston week!  I’ve always been a big fan of Matt (he’s my winner) but Harry is starting to really come through for me.  If you don’t watch the Aussie version of Masterchef, you’re missing a treat.  The UK version is utter tripe in comparison, in my opinion.  NB: Do not Google “Masterchef Australia” when looking for a stock photograph for your #LittleLoves blog post as it will tell you who the winner is.  DARN!


This week, I’ve been making (apologies for the tenuous link) plans to see friends, appointments for hair and nails and generally trying to become more organised.  I strive for organisation and haven’t been very good at balancing my time lately, so hoping to find a better balance soon.  I’m looking forward to going out with hubs next week and the week after – albeit, the events we’re going to are for his work, but still.  I get to dress up nice, have a couple of glasses of wine and a nice dinner (hopefully)!


rockin-baby-9 rockin-baby-10

This week has mainly been about keeping warm and comfy!  I’ve been slumming it a bit in joggers or leggings and big jumpers, but O has been wearing his beautiful cloudy skies outfit from Rockin’ Baby.  How cute does he look?  And super comfortable.  O wore his ninja costume for Halloween on Monday.  Well, he actually went Trick or Treating on Sunday but had a fab time and is still getting through the sweeties he was given by the neighbours!


Since we got back from Disneyland Paris, we’ve been relaxing with Disney films on after school.  O is so tired and is still catching up after a very busy half-term break to Disney, so we’re doing homework in the mornings and chilling out after school with a film and a snack.  I’ve introduced him to a couple of new films that he hasn’t previously seen, but this song is one that we were singing all around Disneyland.  It was all decorated for Halloween and you couldn’t visit without seeing Jack Skellington – the ultimate Halloween Disney character!

and Lastly…

Me and Mine - October 2016

This week has been one filled with tiredness.  Disney Land is not a holiday – more a week of walking, waiting and excitement.  We’re all very tired after a brilliant week away and have spent this week generally relaxing and getting back to a routine.  I’ve been tackling various jobs that needed doing, housework and the like, and have enjoyed getting back to writing the blog.  Hopefully next week we will feel a bit more refreshed.

6 thoughts on “Heston Week, Cloudy Skies and Jack Skellington – #LittleLoves

  1. I know what you mean about feeling knackered after a holiday. I think mine is more mental tiredness to be honest but I could now do with another holiday! Sounds like a fun-filled week for you and yes what a cutie in that little cloud outfit. Love those squishy baby legs!

  2. Disney sounds amazing but I can imagine you need a vacation after your vacation from it all. Lovely family capture though. And that adorable cloud outfit on your happy smiling little one. Too cute. I haven’t yet seen the Walking Dead I know I am so far behind 7 seasons behind! EEEK! I am linking last week’s #littleloves as I forgot to add it to the linky while I was away and this week we have all been super sick. Not nice to share. 🙂 Happy Weekend ahead.

  3. Oh you lucky things going to Disney Land! We’re hoping to go next year. Would be wonderful to go at Halloween or Christmas and I’m sure I’d be even more of a kid than the kids themselves are! That little cloud outfit is absolutely gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  4. Sounds like you have had a lovely disney land trip. I imagine it is very tiring. I loved Masterchef Australia but I haven’t been watching this year. I don’t seem to be able to keep up with any regular shows at the moment.

  5. I bet Disney was awesome with everywhere all decorated for Halloween. I definitely agree that you need a holiday to get over a Disney holiday. Sounds like you have got a few nice nights out planned with your husband. Have a lovely week Steph x

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