Jam Sponge, Easy Street and Trump – #LittleLoves


I haven’t had a chance to read my book for ages.  I really should make a bit of time in the evenings but I’m so tired come 9pm after a day of running around after the kiddies, that I can barely stare at the television never mind read!  When I was at work I used to read in my lunch break, so that might be the time I take back for myself when I return to work in January.



This week I finished watching the final series of House of Lies.  I am gutted there will be no more Kaan & Associates in my life!  Kristen Bell played a fantastic role throughout and in the last season plays a new breastfeeding mother.  If you’re looking for something new to watch, it’s a great drama but be prepared for lots of swearing and adult scenes.


Jam Sponge

This week, I baked an old favourite from my school days…  Coconut & jam sponge cake.  It’s such a 70’s bake but it is totally yummy too.  So comforting at this time of year!  I’ve also been making some hearty casseroles for dinner which have gone down well.


Last night, I attended a fancy-pants dinner that hubs had organised to celebrate a rather epic achievement at work.  I sat on a table with Wayne Hemingway, co-founder of Red or Dead and HemingwayDesign fashion houses.  Oh my days.  What a night!  I wore this Cameo Rose dress with black heels.

cameo rose dress


Watched this weeks The Walking Dead?  You’ll get why I’m putting this here…  Apologies for the ear-worm.

and Lastly…

This week can’t pass without a nod to the election of a new President in the United States of America.  I’m still in a state of disbelief, I think, but the people have spoken.  I am saddened that the USA isn’t ready to embrace a first female President.  I had hopes that Hilary Clinton could implement paid maternity leave to better support new mothers – somehow, I can’t see Trump doing so.  We all remember him saying that pregnancy was an inconvenience, right?  I guess we will need to watch this space.

5 thoughts on “Jam Sponge, Easy Street and Trump – #LittleLoves

  1. Oh maaaaan coconut jam sponge!! I need it I NEED IT. It looks amazing too. And that dress is beautiful, I’m glad it was a good night. I’m totally with you on still being in a state of disbelief re. the US election…some part of me will probably always think it’s just a bad dream 🙁 Hope you have a great weekend #LittleLoves

  2. I’m with you on the reading front! One book so far this year. Your night out sounds lovely. I’m shocked by the election result too.

  3. Coconut Jam Sponge?! Amazing! I saw a recipe for old school sponge and custard the other day and told myself I had to make it. I haven’t yet. What a glamorous night out, sounds lovely. Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. Im going to try this and serve Christmas eve when the brothers and sisters come round
    Real throw back

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