Meal Planning Monday 48/2016

Well, I wasn’t going to write a post today but I’ve been awake since 2am so thought I might as well!  The last 10 days or so have been pretty horrendous.  Q started off with a cough, which turned into a cold, which turned into Bronchiolitis and an admission to the children’s ward at our local hospital.  He’s back home now and much better than he was, but now hubs and O have come down with a cold.  Hence, my reason for getting up so early as hubs  snores terribly when he’s poorly…

That’s pretty much what our life has been like this last week…  Trying to get everybody better – although I can almost guarantee that I’ll fall down with the illness once everyone else is past the worst.  I think my body knows when it can’t fail!  However, I did make this delicious Chocolate Orange Dipping Sauce which was divine – definitely check that out!

Chocolate Orange Dipping Sauce

This weekend, hubs made a delicious batch of Chilli con Carne with homemade guacamole which was so yummy!  We have leftovers that I’ll probably heat up and have with a baked potato for lunch.  I made a scrumptious Sunday dinner of roasted pork with crackling, Yorkshire puddings and vegetables, followed by Jam Roly Poly and Black Forest Cake.  Nom!  It went down a treat and Q enjoyed getting messy with food (and actually eating some) for the first time in 5 or 6 days.  Score.

8 Months Update

So this week, we’ve got a fairly good plan I think.  I’m trying to make sure there’s a side portion of vegetables on our plates every day this week, as it’s something I’m usually not great at.  Also, it makes for a good baby led weaning experience for Q!  Here’s our menu:

Monday – Spanish Chicken bake

Tuesday – Sausages with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Wednesday – Pork steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Thursday – Slow cooker chicken curry with rice and naan bread

Friday – Gammon steak with egg, mashed potatoes and beans/peas

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