Reasons to Buy Organic Cotton Clothing This Christmas

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Ever wondered what the difference is between regular clothing and organic cotton clothing?  I’ve never really understood the benefits, so when Sense Organics got in touch I thought I’d do my research.  As it turns out, there’s quite a number of reasons to buy organic cotton clothing for your little ones!  I know so many parents, including myself, that buy the kids new pyjamas for Christmas Eve or a new outfit for Christmas Day – take a look at the reasons below, and I think you’ll be considering organic cotton clothing for your babies this Christmas…

Reasons To Buy Organic Cotton Clothing For Your Children This Christmas

Organic cotton is incredibly soft

Organic cotton feels softer than regular cotton.  This is because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or impurities which could irritate your baby’s skin.  The majority of organic cotton clothes actually last longer too.  They are generally more durable because the harsh chemicals have not broken down the cotton fibres.

Organic cotton reduces allergic reactions

Babies have the most sensitive skin and are susceptible to rashes and allergic reactions to a variety of products, including toiletries and clothes.  Clothes made with organic cotton are much kinder to their sensitive skin, as they are free from pesticide traces that regular cotton still contains.  These chemicals can be absorbed through their skin and could cause allergies, rashes, respiratory problems and more serious health issues.

organic cotton clothing

Organic cotton farming preserves clean water supplies

Organic farming practices keep soils healthy and preserves clean water resources. The water pollution impact of organic has been shown to be considerably less than non-organic cotton production.  In countries where cotton is grown, clean water is not always easy to come by.

Organic cotton farmers and manufacturers are trading fairly

Sense Organics work with small-scale tribal farmers in the Telangana region of India.  The organic cotton is bought from the farmers at a fair rate and investment is made in community development projects.

Raising awareness of these benefits is so important, not only for the sake of our environment, but for the health of our children.  Take a look at the video below explaining more about where the organic cotton Sense Organics uses comes from and why they use it in their children’s clothing lines.

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