5 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Home

We all know that job vacancies are few, there is no such thing as job ‘security’ any more and our wages are just enough to scrape by.  But we would all love to live a more comfortable lifestyle, wouldn’t we?  So if I could tell you how you can make extra money from home, would you go with it?  I thought I’d list a few of the things that I get up to in my spare time and other things I know friends do to earn a bit of extra money.  Heck, you can go all out and end up doing some of these things to make a full-time living!

5 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Home

ways to earn money from home

1. Sell your junk…

First place to start is your loft, cupboards, drawers, cabinets and other storage spaces!  I can guarantee you can find at least 100 items that you no longer use or want that you can sell to a second-hand buyer.  Whether that’s using auction sites like eBay, selling on local Facebook pages, on the messages board in the local supermarket or at a car boot sale – you will be surprised what people will buy.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say…

Why stop there?  There are people setting themselves up as professional eBay listers and you could do do this too.

2.  Take on Freelance Work

As a blogger, I often take on freelance projects in the form of writing articles for other publications, as well as for my blog.  There is so much work out there if you know where to look!  You can pick up work as a Virtual Assistant, Copywriter and more, and use your free time to do it in.  Make sure you don’t over-commit your time and deliver what you agreed within the agreed timescales to ensure you’re building a great working relationship!

3.  Open an eBay Shop

So you’ve tried your hand at the first tip, and you decide you get on with eBay…  Why stop with your own things?!  Do your research for things that sell well, or where there could be a gap in the market.  You can find all the information on how to open your own eBay shop here.  Make a start by finding a supplier and go ahead and create your own sales!  The world is your oyster.

4.  Become a Sales Rep

There are a number of brands and companies that are looking for Field Sales Representatives that can sell their products from home.  Examples are Avon, PartyLite, Younique, Kleeneze and Ann Summers (oo-er) to name a few.  Start off by selling to your friends and family and earn commission on your sales!  Each have their perks, but choose a brand that you love so that you can genuinely sell to others, with passion.

5.  Turn your Hobby into a Business

Maybe you enjoy painting, taking great photographs or creating bespoke pieces of jewellery?  Why not turn your hobby into a small business?  Set up a Facebook page and get sharing, or if you’re crafty, Etsy and Folksy are great places to start!  Word of mouth is great when you’re just starting out so make sure your service is second-to-none.  Word will soon get around that you’re great at what you do and you could make the jump into a fully fledged business, possibly even employing your own assistants!  Make sure you stay on track with your finances from the start, choose smart payment options and get advice from an accredited accountant.

There’s plenty of other ways to earn money from home, so I’ll maybe do another post soon with another few tips too!  Have you tried out any of these?  Did you make any money from them?  Let me know what other things you do (or have tried) to earn money from home!

*This is a collaborative post

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  1. This is such a useful post. I found it so difficult to know where to start when it came to working for myself from home. I would have found this so helpful.

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