7 Must-Do Children’s Christmas Activities

Most kids have broken up for the Christmas holidays already and are likely climbing the walls, desperate for Santa to visit and Christmas day to arrive!  O is still in school for another couple of days, but I’ve been looking for some children’s Christmas activities to keep him busy over the next few days before the big day.

He’s always on at me to do crafts with him and I’m really not great at thinking up creations!  So I’ve turned to other, much more talented crafty bloggers for these wonderful crafts and bakes with a Christmas theme.

1. Handprint Christmas Crafts

The lovely Lucy, over at Hello Beautiful Bear, has shared instructions on how to create a beautiful handprint Christmas tree and wreath.  Find out how to make your own, here.

2.  Hanging Snowman

This sounds a bit more sombre than it is…  Hannah is always up for a bit of crafting over at Hannah Spannah and, with the help of her little boy, creates some wonderful homemade crafts.  Hannah shows us how to make a hanging snowman to decorate the Christmas tree or hang up around the home; find out how, here.

Children's Christmas Activities

3.  Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

I don’t know about you, but I never know what to make using pipe cleaners…  They come in the craft packs and I haven’t a clue what to do with them!  This fab idea from ZingZingTree is the perfect craft to entertain little ones (and big ones!) to create pipe cleaner Christmas trees! Find out how, here.

4.  Bottle Top Snowflake Decorations

Another from the ZingZingTree, but it’s a goodie!  I remember folding up white paper or tissue paper and cutting fancy patterns into them, to open them up and be amazed with my design!  Well, this fancy craft goes one step further and don’t they look pretty?  Find out how to make your own, here.

Children's Christmas Activities

5.  Magical Reindeer Food

In preparation for Christmas Eve, we’ll be making a small batch of magical reindeer food for Rudolph and his friends.  Ali, from Mum in a Nutshell, has shared her instructions on how to whip up your very own; find out how, here.

Children's Christmas Activities

6.  Snowman Christmas Cards

All kids love to cut and stick – I used to love gluing with PVA when I was young!  The lovely Laura over at Dear Bear and Beany has put together a crafty post showing us how to create your very own homemade snowman Christmas card.  Great for grandparents, aunties, uncles, mums and dads; homemade cards can be kept for years and put up every Christmas.  Find out how to make yours, here.

Children's Christmas Activities

7.  Mini Mince Pie Puffs

It’s not Christmas until you get your bake on.  And why not introduce your little ones to the amazing mince pie – with a twist.  Grace, from Eats Amazing, regularly creates fantastic recipes specially designed to keep kids interested in trying new foods.  Check out her wonderful blog, but definitely make these Mini Mince Pie Puffs with the kids.  Find the recipe, here.

Children's Christmas Activities

What are you favourite crafts for getting up to at Christmas with the kids?  Don’t forget to Pin this post for later!

Children's Christmas Activities

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